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New 'Life Skills Journal' launched by the Happy Confident Company

Lizz Banks
Authored by Lizz Banks
Posted: Tuesday, September 28, 2021 - 13:17

"Every household in the country should be sent one of these"


70% of adolescent mental health problems are not diagnosed early enough and 1 in 5 kids in the UK suffer from mental health issues in any given year.

With these figures rising year on year, we've teamed up with the highly-esteemed Psychologist Dr. Linda Papadopoulos to develop a new, unique, fun, and experiential Life Skills Journal ideal for kids aged 8-13.

The Happy Confident Me Life Skills Journal helps kids develop the resilience, optimism, perseverance, mindfulness, and mindset needed to better navigate today's world.

With 60 activities across 10 life skills, it will help children develop these 'powers' in a fun and engaging way.

At only £11.99 we're offering our Happy Confident Families 20% off to support this exciting launch.

PLUS you'll receive a FREE electronic PDF of  Raising Happy Confident Kids...worth £7.99.


To get your copy click here 

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