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"My Emotions and Me" Review: A Mum's Perspective on this new Graphic Novel for Families

As a mum who always seeks out engaging and educational resources for my kids, I was thrilled to be gifted a copy of "My Emotions and Me" by Art-mella. This graphic novel is more than just a book; it's a great way for children to start understanding emotions and help them learn how to manage them. As an adult, I certainly picked up some new strategies for dealing with my children’s emotions and even my own too!

Why This Book Stands Out

The cartoon-style graphics immediately captured my children's attention. It's well-known that visual learning is key for young minds, and this book harnesses that power brilliantly. The engaging cartoons not only made the book appealing but also helped my children absorb the information more effectively. In between the cartoons, there were lots of short activities for us to do. Some of these activities were physical, like practicing breathing or mindfulness, and others where you needed to draw or write things down.

picture of My emotions and me childrens book

A Tool for Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is crucial in child development, and "My Emotions and Me" serves as an excellent tool in fostering this. The book breaks down complex emotional concepts into understandable segments, making it easier for kids to grasp and for parents to discuss with them. It's a perfect blend of fun and education.

picture of My emotions and me childrens book

Practical Tips and Insights

What sets this graphic novel apart is its practical approach. It's not just about identifying emotions; it's about managing and understanding them. The tips provided are simple yet effective, allowing children to apply what they learn in their daily lives.

picture of My emotions and me childrens book

A Bonding Experience

Reading this book with my children was educational and a bonding experience. It opened up conversations about feelings and how to express them healthily. As a parenting tool, it's invaluable for nurturing open communication within the family.

Recommended for Parents and Kids Alike

I would recommend "My Emotions and Me" to all parents who are on a mission to raise emotionally intelligent and well-rounded children. It's a must-have in your parenting toolkit, especially for those tricky moments when emotions run high.



In conclusion, "My Emotions and Me" is more than just a book; it's a guide for understanding and navigating emotions. Its unique blend of fun cartoons and practical advice makes it a great choice for parents and children looking to explore their feelings together.


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