A Car Expert’s Tips to Drive Your Christmas Tree Home Safely

In the UK, between six and eight million Christmas trees are sold each year, with 85% of Brits putting up the iconic festive tree every festive season.

Decorating your Christmas tree is often one of the highlights of winter but transporting it home can cause a few headaches. If you don’t carry it properly, it can get you into trouble on the road.

In fact, if the tree’s position,...

Taimar Askew

Taimar Askew



picture of A warm and inviting family festive table set for Christmas dinner

Experts reveal how long it will take you to burn off your Christmas dinner, plus the exercises to do so 

The Christmas period has arrived, and Brits across the nation are undoubtedly excited for the day of drinking and eating well. However, it’s no secret that the abundance of food will take quite some time to burn off – but how long can you expect?

Experts at Mirafit have analysed the calorie intake of traditional Christmas dinner foods to highlight the exercises you need to burn them...

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Dressing girls for special occasions can be fun and exciting, and it's important to feel confident and comfortable in your outfit. Here are some clothing tips for girls for special occasions:


Before you start planning your girl’s outfit , make sure you know the dress code for the special occasion. Is it a formal event, semi-formal, casual, or themed?...

Eco-Friendly Decorating Tips for a Sustainable Christmas

Data shows that over half of all British adults (53%) believe that having an eco-friendly Christmas is important. And with £1.2 million worth of Christmas decorations ending up in landfills, not only is using single-use plastics burning a hole in the ozone layer but also in your back pockets as you fork out money on decorations each year.

Vikki Makinson, Head of Marketing &...

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Revealed: The Halloween candy with most and least sugar intake, according to new data

  • Nerds Candy ranks as the candy with the highest sugar quantity, with a substantial 93g of sugar per 100g.
  • Sour Patch Kids closely follow, with 80g of sugar, while Swedish Fish rank third, with 77g.
  • Twizzlers stand out as the lowest-sugar option this Halloween, with only 38g of sugar per 100g.

This Halloween, a new study has found that Nerds Candy...

picture of Halloween Graveyard Cheesy Beef and Mushroom Pie


Recipe box delivery service Gousto launches spooky new limited edition Halloween menu. Get the kids involved for a spook-tastic dinnertime to remember with the Crispy Cheesy Chicken Fingers With Marinara Sauce & Wedges , or the Bats & Cobwebs Cheesy Squash Pasta Bake.

Bonfire night in? Try the Bonfire Bangers & Root Veg Mash With Toffee Apple Gravy or the Vegetable Samosa...

picture of theatre taster 15 to 17 year olds

A host of October half-term activities for young people at the Roundhouse

Roundhouse, an iconic London venue, is excited to announce a series of creative workshops and courses for young people taking place this October half term.

The Roundhouse youth programme, which supports young people aged 11-30, aims to empower young individuals through the arts and provide opportunities for self-expression and skill development.

This October half term, the Roundhouse...

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Expert tips to continue personal growth as a parent

As a leadership consultant, CEO and single parent, I understand the struggle to continue to support personal growth alongside that of your child.

Like many people, I truly believe that becoming a parent is my greatest achievement. Bringing another life into the world and supporting their development is a magical experience. And it’s easy to forget that parents can still make...

picture of playground games

Back to school: Forgotten playground games to bring back

As you get your child ready with new shoes, bookbags, and a uniform this September, you might be feeling nostalgic for your own school days in years gone by. So, why not send them to school with something a little different this year, like some old-school playground games they may not have heard of?

To help jog your memory, Rachel Clinkard — from family-run shoe brand Charles...

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Sports Direct and Nike to launch children’s football initiative Monster Kickabout

  • Monster Kickabout encourages children to take up football, as Sports Direct and Nike pledge free equipment, resources, and lesson plans to primary schools across the country
  • In partnership with Nike, the Monster Kickabout campaign is supported by top-flight footballers Mason Mount, Demi Stokes, Beth Mead, Keira Walsh, Kenza Dali, Khadija ‘Bunny’ Shaw, Georgia Stanway and
  • ...
picture of a team taking on the UKs three peaks

Focus-Trust CEO takes on the UK’s three peaks in 3 days for PAPYRUS

Helen raises over £2.7k in memory of family friend

Last month, Focus-Trust CEO Helen Rowland took on her toughest challenge yet, conquering the three UK peaks in 3 days in memory of her friend’s son, Matthew, who tragically died by suicide in September 2020 aged 17 years.

Having never climbed a mountain until earlier this year, Helen and Matthew’s mum, Jacqui Young, joined...

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