picture of The Ugly Five book by Julia Donaldson

The Ugly 5 Book by Julia Donaldson

We are big Julia Donaldson fans, so when we came across The Ugly five , which is one of Donaldsons lesser known books, we were keen to give it a go.

The Ugly Five" by Julia Donaldson is all about Africa's less conventionally attractive animals and celebrates their charm and character. Set against the backdrop of the African savannah, the story introduces readers to the "Ugly Five" - the...

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picture of The game of life board game

The Game of Life board game

We really love board games in our house and now my children are getting older we are finding some great games that we are all enjoying playing as a family.

The latest game in our collection is The Game of Life . To play the game you need to navigate through various life events, such as going to college, getting a job, getting married, and having children, while aiming to accumulate...

picture of Children at the cinema watching Wonka


We’ve just been to see the new Wonka film in the cinema and we all absolutely LOVED it! In the car all the way home my children have been chatting away about their favourite parts with my husband and I, although honestly there were too many good parts to mention!

My children are 8 and 7 and I was initially a bit concerned the film might be too long as it’s just under 2 hours. Somehow...

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