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Fostered children lend their voice to new recruitment campaign

Devon County Council has produced three animations using the real voices of young people who now live in foster care.

It's the first time real voices of fostered teens have been used to help promote their fostering service.

The council hopes it will prompt people who have thought about becoming foster parents to come forward to help fill a shortfall, and encourage others to consider...

Max Bentley

Max Bentley



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90% learnt ‘little or nothing’ about finance at school

FT poll shows 90% learnt ‘little or nothing’ about finance at school

The Financial Times has launched a new charity endorsed by the former prime minister Gordon Brown, focused on the promotion of financial literacy and inclusion around the world. The FT Financial Literacy and Inclusion Campaign (FT FLIC) unveiled its strategic plan to boost the financial literacy of young people, women and...

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New review investigates babies harmed by fathers and stepfathers

More support needed for fathers

An independent review into safeguarding children under 1 from non-accidental injury caused by male carers.

From: Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel

Published 16 September 2021

A new report investigating the death or serious harm of 23 babies is calling for midwives, health visitors and social workers to provide more support to...
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New houses should only come with wild meadows and veg patches

Concrete Britain: Do you actually DESERVE a garden?

Have a look at your back garden, what do you see - is it mostly covered over with an artificial lawn, a patio, or sad looking grass? And out the front – it’s been concreted over for a car.

Then, according to one waste and recycling company, your garden could be part of the reason why the UK is suffering a biodiversity crisis, as we...

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HMRC warns students of scams

HMRC is warning university students to be wary of potential scams, especially if they have a part-time job and are new to interacting with the department.

From: HM Revenue & Customs

Published 8 September 2021

University students taking part-time jobs are at increased risk of falling victim to scams, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is warning.


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Thousands of teenagers missing out on Child Trust Fund cash

Teenagers are being urged by HMRC to check if they have a pot of money waiting for them in a Child Trust Fund.

From: HM Revenue & Customs , HM Treasury , and John Glen MP

Published 7 September 2021

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is today urging young people to check if they have a hidden pot of gold – in the shape of a Child Trust Fund (CTF).

It is now...

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Prospective parents given more choice over when to start a family

Government to increase storage limits for eggs, sperm and embryos to a 10 year renewable period

From: Department of Health and Social Care , The Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP , and Lord Bethell of Romford

Published 6 September 2021

  • Change will empower future parents and give them even greater control over fertility choices
  • Storage limits will no longer be
  • ...
Picture of a child with cancer

Family of 10-year-old living with life-long impact of brain tumour speaks out at beginning of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

The family of a 10-year-old from Paignton, Devon, living with life-long effects following her diagnosis with a brain tumour, is working with the charity Brain Tumour Research to share their story of hope and heartbreak this Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

  • Brain tumours kill more children than leukaemia
  • One in three children who die of cancer are killed by a brain
  • ...
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Deadline looms for parents to update Child Benefit for 16 year olds

Families with children staying in full-time non-advanced education or approved training post 16 must inform HMRC by 31 August to receive Child Benefit.

From: HM Revenue & Customs

Published 18 August 2021

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is reminding parents and carers they have until 31 August 2021 to confirm whether their teenagers are staying in full-time...

Picture of a business woman working on a beach with her phone and laptop

Sun, sea, sand…and work – welcome to the new phenomenon, ‘the Woliday’, as almost half of Brits are extending getaway by working from the seaside

  • New research from EE reveals almost half (47%) of Brits will make the most of ubiquitous mobile coverage to take an extended ‘woliday’ - as travel restrictions lead to staycations increase
  • Nearly three quarters (73%) of workers reveal how the main motivation is to spend more quality time with family at UK holiday hotspots
  • Superfast data speed has become a
  • ...
Picture of new p.op back to school products

PO.P Back to School (and nursery) in Style!

With its new seasonal launches, Polarn O. Pyret is on hand to get little ones kitted out ahead of the ‘Back to School’ frenzy! Thanks to its award-winning range of clothing, outerwear and accessories, this Nordic, ethically minded brand is sure to have kids up to 12 years, prepared for the new term (and many adventures in between)!

Get them school ready with their homework and water...

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