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A Guide to Helping Your Child Settle into their First Bedroom

Transitioning your child into their first bedroom is a significant milestone, marked by the need for careful consideration and thoughtful planning. Creating a space that nurtures comfort and security is essential for fostering a positive environment for your child. In this expert guide, we'll explore practical strategies and insights to assist parents in helping their children settle into their first...

Mary Youlden

Mary Youlden



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26 per cent of parents in West Country say they are struggling with the cost of sending their children to school.

  • New National Parent Survey reveals 54 per cent of parents in the South West say they are worried about the cost of school uniform with 50 per cent expressing concerns over paying for school trips.
  • 1 in 6 parents in the South West report that their children have experienced depression, equivalent to 136,660 children, according to survey, with anxiety hitting almost 1 in 2 (47
  • ...

Choosing a Winter Coat that Will Shine no Matter the Occasion – From the School Run to a Girls’ Night Out

As the crisp chill of winter approaches, the quest for the perfect coat becomes paramount. This essential piece not only shields us from the elements but also serves as a statement of our personal style. Whether you're dashing off to the school gates or stepping out for a glamorous girls' night, the right winter coat can elevate your outfit from ordinary to extraordinary.


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Parental concerns rise as teens are exposed to smoking in nearly half of the films released in 2023

Teens are exposed to tobacco depictions and smoking in nearly half of the films released in 2023

Industry experts raise concerns about the glamorisation of smoking in popular media for younger viewers

Teens are facing an alarming level of tobacco exposure in popular media, with nearly half of all films released in 2023 that are accessible to younger viewers including scenes of...

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York families can access information and support 24/7 thanks to the launch of two new websites

York families will be able to get information and support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, thanks to the launch of two new websites. and (York’s Local Offer) have been created with children and young people, parents, carers and professionals to make it quicker and easier for local families to get the information they need about local services and community...

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92% of Brits say children’s healthy risk taking is crucial to boosting self-confidence

  • 80% of 18-24s and 69% of 25-35s described themselves as risk takers
  • 87% wished they would take more risks
  • 51% of Brits stop relying on parents/carers to take risks by 16 years

Growing up, many of us have heard our parents say don’t go there, don't do this or you aren’t old enough to do that yet . But how do these phrases in childhood impact our...

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Reminder for bereaved parents to check eligibility for financial support

Bereaved parents who lost their partner between 9 April 2001 and 8 February 2023 may be eligible for a backdated government payment even if they no longer have dependent children.

Bereaved parents who lost their partner between 9 April 2001 and 8 February 2023 may be eligible for a backdated government payment even if they no longer have dependent children.

The Government extended...

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PM continues to support families with cost of living ahead of winter

Millions of people across the country are set to receive significant cost of living support ahead of winter, with the government freezing bus fares in England and the second instalment of the cost-of-living payment – worth £900 in total - landing directly in bank accounts from today [31 October 2023].

  • Significant cost of living support to come into effect from today as millions
  • ...
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  • As part of this year’s National Crumpet Week celebrations, Warburtons Foundation and Morrisons have announced they are back with ‘Ask For Ellen’
  • Offering free toasted crumpets with butter and jam to everyone and anyone, no questions asked
  • The initiative first ran over the school summer holidays – with 200,000 portions of crumpets given out throughout July and
  • ...
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New measures to protect children’s learning from strike action

Minimum service levels (MSLs) to protect children and young people’s education are set to be introduced in schools and colleges, the government has announced today (Friday 20 October).

The proposals will put in place protections for children, young people and parents to ensure education can continue during any future strike action.

The announcement follows the disruption during...

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HARIBO launches Halloween Monster Approved – a definitive list of sweets created by kids, for kids, to help grownups avoid disappointment on the doorsteps this Halloween

Every year, kids put a lot of effort into their costumes at Halloween, yet two in five kids (43%) say they have been left disappointed with the quality of treats received whilst trick or treating, with hard toffees, broken biscuits and mints, being voted the worst treats given out according to new research by HARIBO. The finding revealed that Halloween is by far kids’ favourite time of the...

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