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picture of a healthy food sorting activity for kids

Healthy Food Sorting Activity

Teaching children about healthy eating from a young age is so important! I have tried talking to my children about what foods are healthy and which are not so healthy, but generally you can see their eyes glazing over at the word ‘vegetable’.

We always try to make learning a bit more fun in our house, so we got out the play food and made the latest tea party set up a bit more educational....

Lizz Banks

Lizz Banks



Picture of a beach themed tuff tray activity for kids

Beach themed Tuff Tray activity for kids

To celebrate World Ocean Day 2021, we wanted to make our own beach themed Tuff Tray. This activity took a bit of time to prepare, but my children had so much fun playing with it, that it was definitely worth it!

This activity enabled me to talk to my children about the Ocean and they had so much fun letting their imaginations run wild.

What you need to set up the activity...

picture of children playing in a park in the sunshine

Top 10 free things to do with your children

The sun is finally shining and we have a week off to enjoy with our children. As restrictions lift we have much more choice of places we can visit, but the costs can add up quickly. I have put together a list of 10 things you can do with your children, which will be lots of fun and won’t cost you a penny.

  1. Find a new playpark – We have about 3 parks which we tend to visit
  2. ...
Picture of an edible tuff tray activity

Edible construction play activity for children

We have been itching to get back outside in the sand pit to play with our diggers, but this rainy May weather has made that rather tricky! So, here at The Parenting Daily HQ we have had to be a bit more creative!

We do enjoy messy play in our house, but even I draw the line at bringing sand inside! So, I had a good rummage through our cupboards and came across a packet of Rice...

Picture of The Paper Dolls activity

Making Paper Dolls Activity for Children, based on the book by Julia Donaldson

Julia Donalson’s book ‘The Paper Dolls’ has quickly become one of my daughters favourite bedtime story books. For those of you who haven’t read it, it is a beautiful story about a little girl who makes some paper dolls with her mum. The paper dolls go on an adventure and when they get broken, they go into the little girl’s memory.

I was keen to find an activity that I could do around...

Picture of a letter finding activity for kids

Letter finding activity for kids

I love having a few worksheet type activities pre prepared for rainy days, or if I need a quick go-to activity. This letter finding activity is one of those kinds of activity and my children always really enjoy it. For my 6 year old it is an activity he is really confident with and it gives him a quick feeling of being able to achieve something. My 4 year old is learning all about her letters...

Picture of toy dinosaurs

Dinosaur Ice rescue activity for Kids

If you or your kids are interested in dinosaurs then this easy and fun to make dinosaur activity is just what you (or they) have been looking for!

We have done a few ice rescue activities in our house, where I secretly take some of the children’s toys and freeze them in containers or muffin tins overnight. When they are totally frozen I lay them out on a tuff tray and tell the...

A picture of a tuff tray activity for kids

A Squash and a Squeeze tuff tray activity for children

I love Julia Donaldson and the A squash and a Squeeze book is always a favourite amongst my kids. So, inspired by her fabulous books I have created this fun and educational tray activity, which includes some toy animals and a dolls house to represent the characters in the book. It's a great activity to encourage children to be creative.

What you need for the activity:

  • ...
Picture of some number and duplo blocks

3 ways to learn about adding and subtracting with duplo blocks

Playing with duplo blocks is a creative way to learn a variety of new skills like addition and subtraction! Your child will love the vibrant colours and bold shapes of duplo blocks, which make them perfect for any learning environment. Maths isn’t always the most exciting subject for kids. To make it more appealing for them, they need to have fun while learning. Here is my top list of...

Picture of a mum painting with her children

Mess Free Painting activity

We don’t mind a messy painting activity in our house, but there are some times where I really don’t fancy having to hose down the children and kitchen after a painting session. This painting activity is a much quicker activity for children to do if you’re are short of time (but it can take a bit longer to set up) and creates hardly any mess at all. The magic ingredient of this activity, which...

Children sitting down with blocks with letters on

Top 5 activities for introducing your child to spelling words

Top 5 activities to teach your child to spell words

When I started trying to teach my children about simple words I found it all a bit daunting and didn’t really know where to begin. We started off sitting down and writing out the words, but my children lost interest pretty quickly. So I came up with some more creative ways to teach them, here are my top 5 activity ideas ....