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These are the Royal family's favourite games that you can play during the Jubilee celebrations

With the Jubilee celebrations in full swing, the team at SudokuCraze can reveal the Royal family’s favourite games to play in their spare time, from Charades to table tennis. The Queen

It has been widely reported that Queen Elizabeth II is incredibly fond ‘The Name Game’ in which players must write the names of famous people or characters on a post-it note to place on another players forehead. Said...

Lizz Banks

Lizz Banks



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TEMPUR® sleep specialist and sleep counsellor shares a guide to achieving your best results ahead of exam season As the summer term approaches, students now face exam season stress and anxiety. Whether it’s an essay, multiple choice questions or a presentation, long revision sessions inevitably lie ahead.

TEMPUR® sleep specialist and sleep counsellor, Thomas Høegh Reisenhus, shares his guide...

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‘Who’d have thought eating would become a luxury?’
  • New Action for Children research reveals impact of £20-a-week cut to Universal Credit on UK’s poorest families amidst soaring cost of living crisis.
  • An analysis of its Crisis Fund in the six months following the cut and a survey of frontline staff uncovers the harsh reality of parents on the breadline unable to put food on
  • ...
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Queen’s Platinum Jubilee: 10 party games

As the country gets ready to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee to mark Queen Elizabeth II’s 70 years of service, gaming experts Solitaired share their pick of games to make your street party or family gathering fit for a royal over the bank holiday weekend.

  1. Royal Guess Who?

Both players start with a board each, filled with royal family members face-up, and...

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Warring ex’s urged to mediate over passports for kids to avoid delays

Caution coincides with concerns over passport application backlog

A national charity has urged separated and divorced parents in conflict not to put off tackling the topic of passports for their children ahead of the summer period.

The caution comes amidst growing concerns about the backlog being caused by the surge in new passport and renewal applications following the lifting of...

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National Walking Month: 5 ways to get kids exploring the outdoors

Sometimes, getting the family washed, dressed, and out of the door can feel like a workout in itself. What's more, with all the smart devices that kids (and parents) use today, it can be easy for your family not to spend enough time outside. However, this May marks National Walking Month, so it's the perfect time to get some exercise together in the fresh air.

Time and again, studies...

Family-friendly Breakfast Pastry Recipe from Great Plains Mara Nyika Camp, Kenya


Guests of all ages at Great Plains Mara Nyika Camp often rave about the breakfast pastries! They are surprised we can produce fresh and quality products in a middle of the Masai Mara bush setting. Making pastries can be fun and personalised - once the dough is made you can get a variety of products from it as you just need to substitute the filling. For...

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How to get the kids involved with gardening this spring

Spring is finally here, the trees are starting to get their leaves, and you may have even noticed a daffodil or two while you’re out and about. This time of year marks the start of the growing season and is all about nature, which makes now the perfect time to get out in the garden and enjoy all that spring has to offer. Even better, gardening is a great activity to do with the family....

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The Great Outdoors: 6 Fun Outdoor Activities For Kids

Spring has truly sprung and to make sure your family has months filled with laughter and excitement, you can easily plan adventures outdoors. This can be something as simple as a walk through your local park.

Here are some of the best ways to keep your little ones entertained in the great outdoors during the warmer months.

1. Craft and complete a nature spotting sheet...

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Most popular CAR inspired baby names revealed

These are the most popular baby names inspired by cars in the UK, according to ONS data

  • Lexi and Cooper are the most popular car-inspired baby names in the UK.
  • Cleo and Enzo are the second most popular car-related baby names.
  • Nova, Martin, Octavia and Bentley all make the top ten also.

Lexi and Cooper are the most popular baby names in the...

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Bondi Rescue’s Lifeguard Maxi brings Bondi to Bovey Tracey with water safety messages to keep kids safe ahead of summer.

Straight off the beach from protecting swimmers at Bondi, Trent Maxwell (better known as Lifeguard Maxi from hit TV show Bondi Rescue) will be visiting Bovey Tracey to educate our children about water safety ahead of summer.

Royal Lifesaving Society UK Honorary Vice President Ian Hutchings and his wife Sue are delighted and excited to host Lifeguard Maxi at their Bovey Tracey lifesaving club...

The Real Food Store - Exeter's first community-owned food store

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Mess free painting activity for children

Mess Free Painting activity