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Establishing Positive Eating Habits for Children

Healthy Heart Tip: Establishing Positive Eating Habits for Children Childhood is a particularly important period for forming positive behaviours related to nutrition. Children who learn and practise positive eating habits from an early age are likely to make healthy choices when they grow up. Here we explore some ways to help promote positive eating behaviours: Stick to regular meal and snack times

Lizz Banks

Lizz Banks



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Introducing the UK's first next generation toothbrush

THE UK’s first children’s next generation toothbrush which ends the torture of toothbrushing and adding fun is launched today. The 360° cleaning device sits in the mouth like a gum shield ensuring all surfaces are reached and eliminates bacteria in just sixty seconds. The device is called Wiggle because it ‘wiggles’ in the mouth and cleans teeth without the need for brushing. Wiggle takes the...
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Where can I get boosted this “Jabuary”?

Where can I get boosted this “Jabuary”?

Cases of the Omicron variant of Covid-19 in Devon, Plymouth and Torbay are increasing rapidly in Devon, leading to a rising number of people in hospital with Covid and causing over 1,000 hospital staff to be off work.

The World Health Organisation recently warned that, while the Omicron variant does appear to be less severe compared to Delta,...

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Pressure to be ‘perfect’ causes mental health issues for teenage girls, research shows

Pressure from schools and families to live up to society’s expectations of the “ideal” girl and be “good” causes mental health issues in teenage girls, a study shows. Cultures in schools and at home contribute to anxiety in girls from all backgrounds, researchers have found.

Pressure to achieve high grades, be popular and beautiful, and participate in extra-curricular activities can lead to...

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Parents more climate conscious under their children’s watchful eye

Parents are more likely to take action against climate change if observed by their children, a study reveals.

The study, carried out in Innsbruck, Austria, looked at how to motivate ‘voluntary climate action’ across the generations, focusing on parents and children.

The researchers paid 368 parents 69€ each and asked how much of the money they wanted to keep and how much they would...

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More than half a million children benefitted from healthy food and activities during summer

Over 600,000 children attended free, government-funded Holiday Activities and Food clubs this summer, including over 495,000 eligible for free school meals

From: Department for Education and The Rt Hon Nadhim Zahawi MP

Hundreds of thousands of children from low-income families are benefitting from healthy food and extra-curricular activities, through programmes helping to level up...

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Skateboarding helps middle-aged people navigate depression and bond with their children

Skateboarding in middle age helps people navigate depression, bond with their children and cope with personal trials, a new study shows.

Older people who take part in the sport say it has a “spiritual meaning” in their lives and boosts their wellbeing and happiness. Physical benefits are a by-product.

Skateboarding allows them access to a community and gives them an identity separate...

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Devon GP surgery Christmas and New Year opening times

Devon GP surgery Christmas and New Year opening times Patients across Devon are being reminded that most GP practices will be closed over the festive and New Year period and that if they need medical advice to make use of alternative services such as 111.

Most GP practices will close at the end of the day on Friday 24 December and will re-open again on Wednesday 29 December until Friday 31...

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GP practices to prioritise urgent care and COVID boosters

Following the Government’s call to accelerate the Covid-19 booster vaccination programme, Devon’s GP practices have, at very short notice, reallocated much of their workforce to delivering Covid-19 vaccines over the next two weeks.

This means that GP practices will focus on urgent clinical need and vaccines, and some non-urgent appointments may be postponed until the New Year....

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Get NHS advice quickly ahead of ‘winter like no other’

Get NHS advice quickly ahead of ‘winter like no other’

The NHS in Devon is encouraging local people to use NHS 111 online to get urgent medical advice quickly as we enter what England’s top doctor says will be a ‘winter like no other’.

Patients should continue to come forward for care and are still being encouraged to speak to a pharmacist, GP or call 111 if they need urgent advice...

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Devon residents urged, “Get Boosted Now”

Devon’s residents are being urged to “Get Boosted Now” as part of an urgent national appeal to give themselves better protection from the Omicron Covid-19 variant; which is much more transmissible than previous variants.

The NHS in Devon is working to increase the number of vaccine clinics and extend opening hours following the Prime Minister’s announcement last night (12 December) of the...

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