picture of a mum and her poorly child

Little Patients, Big Challenges: The Most Common Childhood Illnesses

Being a parent is an exciting chapter in a person’s life. Being able to watch your child learn and grow into their person. While sleepless nights and messy homes are the common challenges most parents battle, adding an unwell child into the mix can make home life more chaotic!

For new parents, understanding the most common childhood illnesses and knowing how to manage them can...

picture of children exercising outside to reduce the risk of diabetes

Light physical activity as a child is key to reducing risk of type 2 diabetes

Increased sedentary time from childhood is associated with a significant increase in blood insulin concentration and therefore the risk of type 2 diabetes, a new study has found.

The research, conducted by the University of Exeter in collaboration with the University of Bristol and University of Eastern Finland, has also discovered light physical activity could reduce the risk of...

picture of a woman in labour holding someones hand

Who are the forgotten mums involved in traumatic births?

Irwin Mitchell raising awareness to help support mothers who’ve experienced birth injury

Leading UK law firm, Irwin Mitchell, wants to raise awareness of the ‘forgotten mums’ who often suffer in silence after experiencing birth injuries affecting them both physically and psychologically.

The usual focus following a traumatic birth is on the babies’ condition and any immediate...

Baby brain? Cognition Rehab Therapist Natalie Mackenzie shares her top memory-boosting tips for brain awareness week.

With brain awareness week this week (the 11th-18th March), cognition expert Natalie Mackenzie shares her top tips for boosting your memory and cognition, and brain health. As always, it’s important to recognise memory problems has many different causes, so if you have any concerns at all always visit your GP.

Memory problems are more common than you think-and they’re not just...

picture of a family in the spring

Spring into Wellness: A Mum's Guide to Embracing the Seasonal Shift with the family

As we fast approach Spring, a season of renewal, Holistic Health Coach, Claudia Dumond provides her top tips on how to cultivate wellness as a family.

Spring is a season of renewal, offering us the opportunity to shed the heaviness of winter and embrace a fresh start filled with vitality and energy. So, let's embark on a journey together to harness the transformative power of spring...

picture of a child drinking a can of energy drink



· The study's findings build on earlier research but highlight more risks associated with energy drinks, which typically contain high levels of caffeine and sugar. This study is the most comprehensive review of the research to date.


picture of a woman walking outside to improve her health

12 Easy Ideas For One Small Change To Make A Difference To Your Overall Health

Nutritionist and regular Linwoods contributor Jane McClenaghan at Vital Nutrition talks us through how one small change can benefit your overall health.

You know how it goes. January comes around and we commit to getting fit, changing our diet or losing weight and it’s all or nothing. Out with the Christmas chocolates, in with the green leafy vegetables!

While New Year’s...

picture of a woman at a menopause clinic

Myla Health launches in Devon - Empowering women to feel their best

A new clinic dedicated to women’s health has opened in Devon, enabling women to take control of their wellbeing. Created by a team of experienced female doctors, Myla Health is committed to helping women with the full spectrum of symptoms experienced during perimenopause and menopause, as well as other challenging hormonal issues.

Created by Dr Olivia Hum and Dr Zoe Schaedel, Myla...

picture of a mum comforting older child

A guide for parents supporting their children with OCD

Parenting a child with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) can be a challenging journey, but with the right understanding and support, you can help your child thrive. In the United Kingdom, where mental health awareness is on the rise, it's essential for parents to equip themselves with knowledge and tools to support their children with OCD.

This blog post offers five valuable tips...

picture of a family exercising

10 Exercises you can do with your children

My children are aged 8 and 7 now and ‘getting fit’ still tops my New Year's Resolution list, but it can still feel tricky to know what I can do with them around. I know I have the opportunity to exercise while they are at school, but there are a LOT of school holidays and I think it’s important to exercise with our children to make it a normal thing that can be a fun activity to do together...

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