picture of a teenager with autism sat on his phone with headphones on

10 Things You Need To Know To Prepare Teens With Autism For The World Of Work

As teens with autism transition into adulthood, entering the professional world presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities. Preparing these young adults for the workforce not only fosters their independence and self-confidence but also enriches the workplace with diverse perspectives.

Mark Blakey, a writer for Autism Parenting Magazine , provides essential tips for equipping teens...

picture of a teenager working out in a gym

Protect your teens from these BANNED fitness trends

A lmost half (47%) of parents discuss the dangers of social media with their children at least every few weeks .

With health related topics among the most commonly falsified or misleading on TikTok, precaution must be taken when using such content as a source of trusted information, especially for children and adolescents .

Keen to find out more, Live Football Tickets have...

picture of a teenager gaming as a career

How To Support Your Child's Gaming Career Dream

In recent years, an increasing number of young adults and teenagers are opting for gaming as a full-time career. A 2020 survey found that 41.2% of male respondents wanted to pursue a gaming career, while 70.9% of females surveyed stated no interest in professional gaming.

This growing desire to game professionally is likely driven by the booming esports industry, lucrative streaming...

picture of a teen revising for exams

Optometrists and teachers agree on the 'perfect' revision amount

Teachers warn: this is how long your children should revise daily

As exam season approaches, with the final GCSE exam on Wednesday, 19th June 2024, and A-levels concluding on 25th June, students will spend considerable time immersed in their revision books over the next few weeks.

Optometrists and teachers are now advising on the optimal duration for children to spend revising to...

picture of children online gaming

Is your child at risk? Recognizing gaming addiction in the UK

10-15% Of Gamers In UK Show Signs Of Gaming Addiction: Here Are 10 Signs Your Kid Is Suffering From It (And How You Can Help)

Recent studies reveal that 10-15% of gamers in the UK exhibit signs of gaming addiction. This emerging concern highlights the importance of identifying the symptoms early to mitigate the potential adverse effects on a child's mental and physical health. Gaming...

picture of a parent and teenager in the kitchen with a laptop

Don’t lose out – extend Child Benefit for your 16 to 19 year old

More than a million parents will receive reminders from this week to extend Child Benefit for their teenagers if they are continuing their education or training after their GCSEs.

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is sending more than 1.4 million Child Benefit reconfirmation letters to parents between 24 May and 17 July. The letters will include a QR code which, when scanned, directs...

picture of teenagers playing video games

I'm a psychologist: Kids should play video games in exam season

Children should be allowed to play video games during the run-up to exam season, according to experts, as they urge parents to foster a balanced lifestyle.

Worries about exams have risen significantly for young people over recent years, with NSPCC reporting a 10% increase in counselling sessions directly related to exam stress. Leading tuition experts at Explore Learning have teamed...

picture of a mum and child talking about money

How Can You Help Your Teen Save Money From Their Summer Job?

Will your teenager be making money over the summer break? If they have few financial responsibilities, you may be worried they’ll spend it all on frivolities rather than sensibly saving. So, how can you encourage them to make smart decisions with their money ?

Jason Higgs, the Senior Deals Strategist at Bountii , explains how you can teach your teen to build their savings....

picture of happy teens revising in a library

Education experts reveal why screaming facts on a trampoline could help boost exam results

Trampolining and shouting out facts may seem like unconventional revision tactics, but experts reveal they could help students achieve exam success.

With exam season approaching, 5 million students nationwide are buckling down to revise. However, many can struggle with finding the most effective revision techniques, with over 40% of students experiencing exam anxiety. To help...

picture of HMRC student finance app

HMRC app speeds up student loan applications

With many A level students planning their next steps in life, those starting university in September can ‘tap the app’ to get National Insurance and tax information they need to complete their student finance applications, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has said.

Anyone applying for a student loan for the 2024/25 academic year is encouraged to start their application now and to get...

picture of social media on a smartphone

Is There A ‘Right’ Age For Kids To Use Social Media Apps?

Determining the "right" age for kids to use social media apps is a nuanced and complex issue, often debated among parents, educators, and child development experts. While social media platforms typically set age restrictions, they may not always align with a child's readiness to navigate the digital landscape responsibly.

Ethan Bennet from Sonin , a UK app development company, shares...

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