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In today's ever-changing educational landscape, home education has become a practical choice for parents looking for a flexible and personalised approach to their children's learning journey. As they explore home ed, families discover the joys of bespoke education and self-directed learning. The shift away from the traditional school environment has liberated families from the daily grind of the school...

Sasha Jackson

Sasha Jackson



picture of a child asleep in a blue space themed bedroom

I’m a sleep coach, and this is the IDEAL bedtime for kids on a school night

Sleep issues among children are rising, with 38% reporting problems with getting to sleep, research shows. Now, a sleep expert explains how spicy foods can disturb kids' sleep, while parents should start early to combat the effects of daylight savings.

To help parents get their children to bed and ensure a good night's sleep before school, Explore Learning has teamed up with Chelsey...

picture of a child asleep with an alarm clock on the bedside table

New research reveals the exact time you should be putting your children to bed.

The experts at Make My Blinds have created a sleep calculator to help improve sleep quality around the country, as well as sharing tips to help children achieve a better night’s sleep.

You can try the calculator for yourself here:

Did you know?

  • The required amount of sleep we need depends on our age. Babies

  • ...
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