picture of The Ugly Five book by Julia Donaldson

The Ugly 5 Book by Julia Donaldson

We are big Julia Donaldson fans, so when we came across The Ugly five , which is one of Donaldsons lesser known books, we were keen to give it a go.

The Ugly Five" by Julia Donaldson is all about Africa's less conventionally attractive animals and celebrates their charm and character. Set against the backdrop of the African savannah, the story introduces readers to the "Ugly Five" - the...

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picture of Wundersmith the calling of Morrigan Crow book by Jessica

My favourite children's book series EVER

Morrigan Crow Book series review

This is hands down my favourite children’s book EVER!

I have to admit that when my son first picked up this book from the library I was really skeptical, mostly because the first page in the book talks all about funerals and coffins! My son was 7 at the time and I really felt like I was pushing it in terms of it being appropriate, but he was adamant...

picture of My emotions and me childrens book

"My Emotions and Me" Review: A Mum's Perspective on this new Graphic Novel for Families

As a mum who always seeks out engaging and educational resources for my kids, I was thrilled to be gifted a copy of " My Emotions and Me " by Art-mella. This graphic novel is more than just a book; it's a great way for children to start understanding emotions and help them learn how to manage them. As an adult, I certainly picked up some new strategies for dealing with my children’s emotions...

picture of A guide to Mindfulness book for children

A Little Monster’s Guide to Mindfulness book review

A Child’s Guide to Coping with their Feelings Contains: slime-donuts, monster-yoga and a big calming dose of “Ahhh”

Pickle the little monster is moving house and starting a new school, and it’s giving them a yucky feeling in their tummy. Pickle has tried all sorts of things to feel better, but nothing seems to work until they try mindfulness. Follow along on a fun adventure as Pickle learns...

David Walliams The Worlds worst pets review

World's Worst Pets book review

My 7 year old son is a huge fan of the David Walliams ‘World’s worst’ books, so he was so so excited when the latest in the collection came out. World’s Worst Pets follows along the lines of the previous books, with each Chapter talking about a hilarious new character.

From Monty the Musical dog, who yearns to be famous but has his plans scuppered by the family cat, to Bad Bunny who...

You’re a star - a guide to self-esteem book review

You’re a star - a guide to self-esteem book review

This is such a fantastic book for children, I have been so impressed with all the activities for children to do and how they really make children think.

I didn’t really think my children had any issues with self-esteem, but doing these activities showed me some areas where they may need a bit of a boost before they may have become an issue. I’m a big believer in trying to pick things up early...

The Beast of Buckingham Palace book review

The Beast of Buckingham Palace book review

We have been reading this book at bedtime together and I must admit that this was one of my favourite children’s books I have read. It’s my favourite of the David Williams books!

The story is set in 2120 and London is in ruins because the people in previous times haven’t taken care of their homes. The forests have been burned down, the ice caps have all melted, there are floods and...

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