picture of the 5 Second Rule Board Game

5 Second Rule Board Game review

We are always on the hunt for new family board games in our house and 5 Second Rule is certainly one of our favourites.

The aim of the game is to answer as many game cards as possible to make your way around the board and cross the finish line first. The game cards generally challenge you to name 3 kinds of things, for example, this could be 3 countries beginning with the letter 'C', 3...

Age range: 
picture of The game of life board game

The Game of Life board game

We really love board games in our house and now my children are getting older we are finding some great games that we are all enjoying playing as a family.

The latest game in our collection is The Game of Life . To play the game you need to navigate through various life events, such as going to college, getting a job, getting married, and having children, while aiming to accumulate...

picture of the sequence family board game review

Sequence family board game

This is my new favourite family board game , so much so that I asked for it for my birthday present!

I actually discovered this as an after-dinner game whilst staying with my brother and thought it was great fun. My 8-year-old son saw the box the next morning, wanted to give it a go, and was instantly hooked too!

The concept is a bit like the children’s game Connect Four,...

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