picture of children gardening showing a plant sprouting from the ground

Manor Green Primary Academy achieves the RHS Level-1 School Gardening Award

Manor Green Primary Academy in Denton has been accredited with the RHS Level-1 School Gardening Award in recognition of its commitment to the journey of gardening and growing.

The RHS School Gardening Awards provide a structure to develop gardening through the curriculum at your school and a way to celebrate your progress.

Manor Green has always promoted sustainability and teaching...

Isabella Storey

Isabella Storey



picture of a teacher writing on a whiteboard

Teachers to get up to £6000 extra to teach vital subjects

From September, up to £6000 will be available for teachers working in key STEM and technical subjects such as maths, construction and engineering, as well as early years education, as part of the government’s drive to recruit and retain the best staff, the Department for Education announced.

The expansion of the levelling up premium payment scheme to those working in further...

picture of children in a science lesson

Manor Green Primary School Celebrates "Time for Science Week"

Manor Green Primary School in Denton recently concluded its highly successful Science Week, themed around the concept of "Time."

From March 8th to March 17th, students engaged in a variety of captivating activities aimed at exploring the theme and fostering a love for science.

The theme for British Science Week this year, 'time,' was the inspiration behind Manor Green's...

picture of a child in a local library for The Secret Book Quest


Libraries Unlimited launches ‘Libro’s Friends’ adventure across Devon and Torbay

An exciting new early years reading programme with stickers to collect has been launched in libraries across Devon and Torbay, aiming to inspire a lifelong love of reading.

Libro’s Friends is an extension of Libraries Unlimited’s hugely successful The Secret Book Quest, which was launched in...

picture of Robbie Kirkman the Eden Projects Education Team Lead delivers lessons live from the Rainforest Biome


The Eden Project in Cornwall and WWF-UK are teaming up for their first-ever joint lesson using the power of live stream to reach school children with a special Big Lunch themed virtual event from the attraction’s magical lush green Rainforest Biome.

Any child aged 5-11 in school stages 1 and 2 can enjoy this free 45-minute live interactive session (24 April 10:00AM) that will explore...

The Home Ed Daily Website

The Home Ed Daily Website launches to support parents looking to home educate

In today's ever-changing educational landscape, home education has become a practical choice for parents looking for a flexible and personalised approach to their children's learning journey. As they explore home ed, families discover the joys of bespoke education and self-directed learning. The shift away from the traditional school environment has liberated families from the daily grind of...

picture of childrens books

Manor Green Primary School Encourages Family Engagement with "Book and Bagel" Mornings

Manor Green Primary Academy in Denton recently held its first “Book and Bagel” morning, aimed at fostering family engagement and promoting a love for reading among young learners.

Every Tuesday morning, Manor Green Primary School warmly invites early years families into the classroom for a special "Book and Bagel" session. The morning provides an invaluable opportunity for parents...

Summer Camps Trust by Joanna Walter

The Summer Camps Trust launches its Try Out Camps for August 2024

Charity the Summer Camps Trust has launched their Try Out Camps for August 2024 at Longtown Outdoor Education Centre, on the Herefordshire – Wales border, in wonderful countryside. The camps are subsidised to encourage parents who have never thought about sending their children aged between 9 and 15 away to a camp before to give it a try.

Summer Camps are residential children’s...

James Meconi in Zanzibar

7 year old James Meconi will be the World’s youngest person to visit all sovereign countries in the world!

Preston born James Meconi is set to become the youngest person to hold the Guinness World Record for visiting all the sovereign states in the world (total of 196 countries).

James (known as Jamie) and his mum Hayley never set out with a world record in mind they just had wanderlust in their souls and after losing James’s father, when he was a 6 month old baby, they realised just how...

picture of a teacher in a classroom

How can we encourage more young people to want to work in education?

Entering the world of work is an exciting, transformative time for any young person. But it can come with a sense of pressure for teachers, parents and guardians who want to ensure that the younger generation get the best start they can. With a little preparation, we can ensure young people are equipped to make informed choices about their future career paths.

A career in education...

picture of a happy teacher in her classroom with her pupils

Scotland’s teachers to be offered free coaching to improve wellbeing  

Teaching staff and education professionals across Scottish schools and early learning facilities are to be offered free wellbeing coaching as part of a new initiative funded by the Scottish Government aimed at helping individuals cope with pressures on mental health.

The £200,000 programme will be delivered by Know You More – an Edinburgh-based social enterprise specialising in coaching and...

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