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We’ve just been to see the new Wonka film in the cinema and we all absolutely LOVED it! In the car all the way home my children have been chatting away about their favourite parts with my husband and I, although honestly there were too many good parts to mention!

My children are 8 and 7 and I was initially a bit concerned the film might be too long as it’s just under 2 hours. Somehow the filmmakers kept it interesting, fun and engaging for the whole time so this wasn’t a problem at all.

The film follows the rise of Willy Wonka as a young man trying to start his career as a chocolatier. This is set way before Charlie and the chocolate factory and it’s amazing to see how his imagination started and some of the ideas with the Oompa Loompas and magical chocolate world started out.

On the whole I thought this was such a feel good, positive film. We got to watch Willy Wonka struggle to make his dreams come true and there were a whole host of obstacles thrown in his way, but he never gave up! The actors were fantastic and it was a real laugh out loud film, for both children and adults. There were also a couple of parts that had us all welling up too, as they documented Wonka’s special relationship with his own mother and him losing her, plus Noodles thinking she was an orphan and the team finding her real mum at the end of the film!

I have to say this is one of the best films I have seen this year (and we really love going to the cinema!). My 8 year old son says he thinks it’s his favourite film too!

We would all highly recommend this film as one to watch for all the family! Due to the long length I’m not sure I would take children under 6, but all ages above that will love it!

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