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Summer Holiday Survival Guide for Separated Families

Mediation charity offers advice as schools close for the summer

The summer holidays can prove challenging for all families. Juggling childcare, entertaining the kids, and keeping them topped up with endless snacks over the six-week period can prove tough for even the most organised of parents.

For separated couples though it can be particularly hard.

According to...

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Can’t remember when the visiting midwife is next due, let alone what you’re going to tell them when they arrive? Can’t quite put your finger on the date you arranged that playdate for, but need to tell the babysitter? Can’t recall if you noted down the information about the new medication and need to tell your partner? We’ve been there.

With 89% of millennial parents living in...

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Solving co-parenting dilemmas for separated families as the summer holiday looms

Uncertainty about how summer holidays might shape up this year means separated families should consider making flexible written parenting plans right now, says a leading family dispute resolution charity currently providing its services by video conference.

Arrangements for children during the long school vacation always provide headaches for separated parents. This year, the delayed...