Postnatal depression: How to ask your partner if they’re okay

Postnatal depression: How to ask your partner if they’re okay

Welcoming a baby into the world is an exciting and life-changing occasion, but don’t underestimate how overwhelming it can be too. By trying to block out those feelings of stress or anxiety, there’s a risk that those emotions could lead to you or your partner developing postnatal depression (PND) – a condition which...

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Children who play adventurously have better mental health, research finds

Children who spend more time playing adventurously have lower symptoms of anxiety and depression, and were happier over the first Covid-19 lockdown, according to new research.

A study led by the University of Exeter asked parents how often their children engaged in play that was “thrilling and exciting”, where they might experience some fear and uncertainty.

The study, published in...

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Skateboarding helps middle-aged people navigate depression and bond with their children

Skateboarding in middle age helps people navigate depression, bond with their children and cope with personal trials, a new study shows.

Older people who take part in the sport say it has a “spiritual meaning” in their lives and boosts their wellbeing and happiness. Physical benefits are a by-product.

Skateboarding allows them access to a community and gives them an identity separate...

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The National Association of Therapeutic Parents Launches Website and Resources for Schools

The National Association of Therapeutic Parents (NAOPT) has now launched a website packed with resources for all types of schools. By supporting schools and its teaching staff, the NAOPT hopes to raise awareness of development trauma.

Children are among those most at risk when involved in a traumatic event. More common than most realise, 25% of victims of child trauma can develop...

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14% of the UK’s men would not talk to anyone about their mental health

Millions of British men would avoid discussing their mental health at all

Over half of the UK’s population do not think that men’s mental health is taken seriously

Only one in three men say they would speak to a GP about their mental health, and just 7% say that they would speak with an anonymous helpline

Millions of British men would not talk to anyone at all if...

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It’s not all good in the (mother)hood

It’s pretty tough, motherhood, isn’t it? Even for a woman who, on the outside, looks like she’s got her shit not only together, but tied up in a gift box with a pretty bow. To quote the great philosophers of Love Island 2017, ‘on paper’, my life is perfect. And somehow, I found myself with post-natal depression; questioning my marriage, my life choices, and my happiness. I was miserable, and...