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Expert answers TikTok's most-asked parenting questions

Parenting expert answers TikTok’s most-asked questions about raising children – including why you shouldn’t feel guilty for being busy
  • Parenting expert, Pamela Li, has answered the most commonly-asked questions on TikTok, to help separate fact from fiction
  • This follows a new analysis that has revealed which queries and concerns appear most often under #parentingquestions
  • ...

How to Reduce the Feelings of Mum Guilt when Working Over the Summer Holidays

Whether you’re working from an office or at home during the school holidays if you aren’t with your kids 24/7 then chances are those feelings of mum guilt are going to start creeping in. We all know we shouldn’t feel guilty, if we have to work we have to work, but that doesn’t make it any easier does it?

However, as working mum of three who runs her own PR Company I have found that...

picture of a healthy food sorting activity with negative comment

I wasn't expecting this response!

Yesterday I posted a reel on my Instagram account showing me doing a food sorting activity with my daughter ( you can see the activity here ). I’ve been posting activity ideas on my Instagram account for a little while now and I have had a few people starting to comment on them, but the responses on this particular reel really took me by surprise!

For context, the real shows a tuff...

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Top tips for dealing with Mum Guilt

Well everyone, today I got the award for being the World’s worst mum!

My youngest had her school trip today, off to the woods. I read the letter from school about it last week, so sent her off today with her welly boots, waterproof coat and a packed lunch box. We got to school in plenty of time (well, I mean we weren’t racing through the school gates with minutes to spare before registration...

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Biggest challenges of having a baby revealed - and it’s not the birth itself

New research from intimate wellbeing brand INTIMINA reveals the biggest physical and emotional challenges associated with pregnancy -
  • 7 in 10 mothers say recovering from having a child is one of the most difficult emotional challenges they’ve faced, according to new research from INTIMINA.
  • One in three women were diagnosed with postpartum depression.
  • 22% of those
  • ...
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