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Expert answers TikTok's most-asked parenting questions

Parenting expert answers TikTok’s most-asked questions about raising children – including why you shouldn’t feel guilty for being busy
  • Parenting expert, Pamela Li, has answered the most commonly-asked questions on TikTok, to help separate fact from fiction
  • This follows a new analysis that has revealed which queries and concerns appear most often under #parentingquestions
  • ...
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The flexibility and fun the holidays bring often means going to bed later and sleeping in, but how can parents feel back on track for the school run.

With schools usually starting around 8:30am, the holiday sleep routine of sleeping in until 9 or 10am is not going to work during term time.

Dr Lindsay Browning , psychologist, neuroscientist and sleep expert for And So To Bed shares...

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Top Tips for Starting School in September

September will be here before we know it and with the start of a new term. If you’re little one is due to start this year it can seem like a huge change for both them and you! To help you manage the start of this massive milestone here are my top tips on how to prepare your child for their big day.

Start the toilet training process

Make sure your child can go to the toilet...

picture of Dont bottle it up campaign with calpol and the NSPCC

UK Parents are Bottling Up Common Concerns

Two-thirds (66%) share that becoming a parent has at times taken a toll on their mental well-being

· A survey* commissioned by CALPOL®, as part of their “Don’t Bottle It Up” campaign with the NSPCC Helpline, found that whilst there are many joys of being a parent, parents also experience challenges. Almost one third (31%) admit they didn’t feel like they had enough resources and support...

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Parenting Experts top tips for toilet training

AMANDA’S TOP POTTY TRAINING TIPS By Amanda Jenner, UK’s leading potty training expert.

1. Choose your timing wisely. It is best not to start potty training if there has been a change in circumstance for example your toddler is unwell, there is a new baby in the family, you have just moved into a new home, your toddler has started a new childcare setting, there are any family problems in the...

Picture of a mum cooking with her daughter

Parenting expert Sarah Ockwell-Smith reveals why parents should cook with their children.

Sarah Ockwell-Smith shares the top ten benefits of cooking with your children

Spending quality time in kitchen and making simple yet delicious food is at the heart of Italian cooking. After what has been a difficult year for most, getting creative in the kitchen with your children has created joyous memories and experiences, for both parents and children alike. In fact, research...

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