Reusable Nappy Week

Parents call for national eco nappy scheme to tackle UK environmental issues

As part of Reusable Nappy Week (25th April - 1st May) parents all over the UK keen to reduce their carbon footprint, a new survey reveals what support parents need to make better eco choices.

Following The Great Big Nappy Census that revealed 88% of parents think eco-conscious parenting is important for their children¹, experts from The Nappy Gurus share five ways parents could be...

picture of Kit and kin reusable nappies

Kit & Kin Celebrates Choice for Reusable Nappy Week and Beyond 

  • This Reusable Nappy Week, Kit & Kin is the only nappy brand to focus on choice rather than all-or-nothing when it comes to reusables
  • Unique in offering both reusable and eco disposable options, Kit & Kin encourages parents to test both and find out what works for them – with no judgement
  • Whichever option parents choose, they’re helping to look after the
  • ...
picture of nimble nappy lover

Take On Reusable Nappy Week with Plant-Based Power!

Nimble is delighted to offer their vegan detergent powder specifically designed for reusable nappies

With Reusable Nappy Week on the horizon (24th April - 1st May), the plant-based geniuses at Nimble are delighted to be the reliable helping hand for parents who choose the reusable path, thanks to their vegan, non-bio detergent, Nappy Lover. Supporting parents on their journey towards a...