picture of children online gaming

How to Block Your Child's Access to Online Gaming Without Becoming an IT Professional

If your kids are old enough to surf the internet, it’s natural that you might worry about the amount of time they spend playing video games instead of doing something more social with their friends. But trying to set up parental locks and restrictions on your kids’ devices, or block them from the internet entirely, can be an absolute nightmare if you’re not a tech whizz.


picture of a child holding a sign saying mobile phones are banned

Government launches crackdown on mobile phones in schools

Schools will receive new guidance on prohibiting mobile phone use during the school day.

Mobile phones are set to be prohibited in schools across England as part of the government’s plan to minimise disruption and improve behaviour in classrooms.

New mobile phones in schools guidance issued today (19 February 2024) backs headteachers in prohibiting the use of mobile phones throughout...

picture of Snapchat Expand their In App Parental Tools

Snapchat Expand their In-App Parental Tools

At Snap, we’re committed to giving parents additional tools and resources to help them support their teens’ safe use of Snapchat.

In 2022, we launched Family Center, our set of parental tools that allows parents to see who teens are talking to on Snapchat, confidentially report any concerns, and set content controls – all of which can help prompt important conversations about safety...

picture of A trendy preteen boy at Christmas with his mum

‘I know Santa isn’t real!’ Saying goodbye to Santa - a parent's guide

We’re coming up to the most magical time of year, but how do you deal with your pre-teen child who feels too grown up for Santa and all your family Christmas traditions?

For some parents, when their child stops believe in Santa it can feel like the end of their kid’s childhood.

Mark Thomas, Leicester-based IT project manager and dad to an eleven-year-old son, is one of them...

picture of a teen watching tv

Parental concerns rise as teens are exposed to smoking in nearly half of the films released in 2023

Teens are exposed to tobacco depictions and smoking in nearly half of the films released in 2023

Industry experts raise concerns about the glamorisation of smoking in popular media for younger viewers

Teens are facing an alarming level of tobacco exposure in popular media, with nearly half of all films released in 2023 that are accessible to younger viewers including scenes of...

picture of theatre taster 15 to 17 year olds

A host of October half-term activities for young people at the Roundhouse

Roundhouse, an iconic London venue, is excited to announce a series of creative workshops and courses for young people taking place this October half term.

The Roundhouse youth programme, which supports young people aged 11-30, aims to empower young individuals through the arts and provide opportunities for self-expression and skill development.

This October half term, the Roundhouse...

picture of someone learning about crypto currency on a device

How to keep your children safe from NFT and crypto scams


● Nearly a quarter of UK teens aged 13 to 16 have either already invested in cryptocurrency (8%) or are planning to (15%), new research reveals today

● Children engaging in both cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) despite concerns over the risks of being targeted by scammers


picture of a child getting bullied online

How you can help your child deal with online hate speech

  • New tool to help children handle online hate launched by Internet Matters and Samsung Electronics UK
  • Latest module of the ‘The Online Together Project’ aims to promote a more positive and inclusive culture online, giving families practical advice
  • Research
  • ...
picture of a Girl holding a yellow vape

No more free vapes for kids

The government takes steps to crack down on rogue firms targeting children with free samples.
  • Increased education and dedicated school police liaison officers to keep illegal vapes out of schools
  • Rules around the sale of nicotine-free vapes and fines for shops selling illicit vapes are to be reviewed

A loophole that allows the vaping industry to give free...

picture of a child using Stix Mindfulness Remotes

Stix Mindfulness Remotes Show Positive Impact on Children's Wellbeing

Mindfulness reveals results of a pilot study for Mental Health Awareness Week

Stix Mindfulness, a provider of interactive wellbeing products for children, announces the results of a recent research study showing the positive impact of Stix Mindfulness Remotes on children's moods. The study, conducted over 4 weeks, involved 8 children and was conducted in partnership with Brunel University...


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