picture of a mum putting a baby to sleep in a neutral cot

TikTok Tricks to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night

One of the biggest struggles for new parents is putting their baby to sleep. In fact, new parents could lose as much as three hours every night of their baby’s first year – resulting in new parents losing up to 133 nights’ worth of sleep in one year alone.

Kelly Nairne, marketing director at Bugaboo, global pushchair providers, said: “Sleep is crucial for both the parents and the...

picture of someone viewing tiktok on a smartphone

Expert answers TikTok's most-asked parenting questions

Parenting expert answers TikTok’s most-asked questions about raising children – including why you shouldn’t feel guilty for being busy
  • Parenting expert, Pamela Li, has answered the most commonly-asked questions on TikTok, to help separate fact from fiction
  • This follows a new analysis that has revealed which queries and concerns appear most often under #parentingquestions
  • ...
picture of parents looking at child on a smartphone

Data reveals TikTok to be the social media platform parents are most worried about

  • TikTok is the social media platform parents are most concerned about, with 5,100 online searches for ‘Is TikTok safe’ each month in the US.
  • Online searches for ‘is Snapchat safe’ reach 2,300 on average each month in the US.
  • Reddit is the third most concerning social media platform for parents in the US, with 2,000 estimated monthly searches for the phrase ‘is
  • ...
picture of Tiktok digital parenting practices


  • New research from TikTok and Internet Matters reveals a third of parents with children aged 13 to 17 talk to their teens about online safety on a weekly basis

· The top triggers for parents talking to their teens about only safety identified as waiting until a problem occurs or they notice a negative change in their child's behaviour

· Study also shows less than...

picture of a child on a smartphone

‘TikTot’ Entrepreneurs: Marketing expert explains how TikTok could educate younger users ​

New data from Ofcom reveals TikTok is being used by a younger audience than expected, despite the app being restricted to those aged 13 and older.

Whilst there are concerns it may be affecting the attention span of very young users, Sam O’Brien, CMO of performance marketing platform Affise , believes it will in fact help educate younger years to develop valuable entrepreneurial skills....

picture of a family reunion at christmas


Millions of people prepping for Christmas in the UK are putting themselves and their property at risk of theft.

Sharing images and videos across social media platforms of gifts and decor could lead to burglary, and with nine million #ChristmasDecor hashtags on Instagram and 586.2 million TikTok views, security retailers Safe.co.uk has highlighted the potential damages.

From sharing...

Picture of a person using a smart home device

TOP Trending Smart Gadgets According to TikTok

After a year of being at home more than we’re used to, most of us have realised the importance of comfort, convenience and beautiful décor when it comes to our properties. In a nutshell, we have all learned the importance of loving the spaces we live in.

It’s perhaps therefore no surprise that UK homeowners have spent on average £4,000 on home renovations since the first lockdown...

Happy housewife with cleaning supplies

TikTok’s BIGGEST cleaning trends and hacks of 2021 revealed! 🏡

A new study by GoCompare Home has revealed the biggest cleaning TikTok hacks and trends of 2021!

Thanks to the likes of Mrs Hinch, cleaning has become more popular than ever. On popular social media site TikTok, Clean-Tok receives an overwhelming 13,000,000,000 views , encouraging a new level of cleanliness.

To help you keep you on top of the most popular cleaning trends,...

Behind-the-Scenes of Family Life: TikTok Edition

In the dazzling world of TikTok, where dance-offs, lip-syncing, and creative challenges reign supreme, families are finding innovative ways to showcase the magic that happens behind the closed doors of their homes. If you're ready to dive into the fun-filled realm of family TikToks, buckle up for a rollercoaster of creativity, laughter, and a touch of chaos that captures the true essence of...

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