TikTok hack

picture of a mum putting a baby to sleep in a neutral cot

TikTok Tricks to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night

One of the biggest struggles for new parents is putting their baby to sleep. In fact, new parents could lose as much as three hours every night of their baby’s first year – resulting in new parents losing up to 133 nights’ worth of sleep in one year alone.

Kelly Nairne, marketing director at Bugaboo, global pushchair providers, said: “Sleep is crucial for both the parents and the...

picture of child with packets of medicinal tablets

Medical expert warns against space-saving TikTok hack that could be “fatal” to children

Are there reasons why it’s important to keep medicines in the packages they come in? What are the child safety risks behind this hack? A medical expert shares his advice…

Mitesh Desai , Director at Landys Chemist explains:

Should travellers swap their medicine packaging for Tic Tac containers to save space while packing? Are there reasons why it’s important to keep medicines in the...

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