picture of a boy having home tutoring

Hundreds of thousands of pupils benefit from tutoring

New figures reveal over 300,000 tutoring courses began last term

From: Department for Education and Robin Walker MP

Hundreds of thousands of children across the country benefited from catch up tutoring in the first term of the academic year, new figures from the Department for Education reveal today (Tuesday 11 January).

Over 300,000 tutoring courses began last term, nearing...

picture of a child wearing a face mask and using hand sanitiser in a school classroom

More support to keep pupils in the classroom

Face-to-face education prioritised as it is important for pupils’ education and wellbeing

From: Department for Education and The Rt Hon Nadhim Zahawi MP

Published 2 January 2022

Thousands of new air filters and further temporary measures will be introduced to protect face-to-face education and minimise disruption, ahead of the pupils returning to the classroom this week....

picture of a woman looking stressed wrapping christmas presents

Rising costs put extra financial pressure on families this Christmas  

Children could be exposed to more intense and damaging parental conflict this Christmas as heightened economic pressures put strains on parents’ relationships

A YouGov survey of 1,053 parents of children aged 18 and under in Britain, commissioned by research charity and What Works Centre, the Early Intervention Foundation, has found that 56% of those who celebrate Christmas worry about their...

Picture of a family at home ill with the flu

Help yourself and the NHS in Devon with self-care

Help yourself and the NHS in Devon with self-care

As winter approaches, doctors in Devon are reminding people that by practising self-care, they can help themselves and reduce the need to use busy NHS services.

Self-care involves helping people to better understand how to look after minor illnesses or long-term conditions, and how to prevent ill health by choosing healthy options for...

picture of a young boy being bullied at school

More support for schools to tackle bullying

Schools across England to benefit from further specialist training to help pupils combat bullying

From: Department for Education and Will Quince MP

Published 16 November 2021

Thousands of schools in England are set to benefit from further support and training to help pupils combat bullying, learn to value each other’s differences, and improve wellbeing for staff.


picture of children playing outside on a swing

How Does Nature Impact Children’s Well-Being?

How Does Nature Impact Children’s Well-Being?

How often do you see joyful children playing outside with their peers, swept up in the excitement and jubilantly singing alongside the chirping birds? Unfortunately, that seems to be a less common scene these days. The never-ending games of hide and seek have been replaced by multi-player sessions of Animal Crossing.

Console games provide...

picture of a child on a computer


  • My Family’s Digital Toolkit gives tailored advice that can support millions of parents in need of help so their children can thrive in the online world
  • New research shows 5-year-olds in the UK now regularly use an average
  • ...
Group of teenagers working and laughing together in a school library

Better mental health and wellbeing support for young people

Experts agree long term commitment to prioritising mental health and wellbeing support in education within recovery plans

From: Department for Education , Vicky Ford MP , and Michelle Donelan MP

Published14 July 2021

A coalition of health and education experts have committed to making mental health and wellbeing a central part of education recovery plans in...

Picture of a boy and girl on an tablet and laptop

Over 70% of 5-11 year olds would rather speak to friends online than in person, says new report highlighting the real feelings of children online

Just 23% of young people aged 5-11 prefer speaking to their friends in person rather than online, recent research has shown.

The results come from anonymous data from over 15,000 pupils across 2,500 schools about their online habits and how they feel about the internet and social media.

In the most shocking statistic, when asked what they believe to be the best way to chat...

A picture of Twinkl and Mind Charity wave of thanks camplaign

Boosting wellbeing with a Wave of Thanks for the teaching community

The educational publisher Twinkl has teamed up with the charity Mind and public sector buying organisation YPO to recognise the tireless work of educators and schools throughout the pandemic.

The Wave of Thanks campaign, launched this week, invites and encourages people globally to send in messages of thanks, and to share stories of educators who have supported them or their loved...