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The Nappy That’s Fighting Carbon Emissions

Lizz Banks
Authored by Lizz Banks
Posted: Monday, October 11, 2021 - 12:23

Kit & Kin’s sustainable, plant-based nappies are produced in a carbon neutral plant

· For every 10 Kit & Kin nappy subscriptions, the brand purchases and protects 1 acre of  rainforest, which locks in 130 tonnes of carbon

· If every one of the 3 billion nappies used in the UK annually was a Kit & Kin nappy, it  would save more than 36,000 tonnes of carbon from being released, the equivalent of  driving over 90 million miles

Kit & Kin, the sustainable nursery brand co-founded by Emma Bunton, is truly leading the way with  its commitment to the environment. From the carbon neutral factory producing its eco nappies and  the sustainably sourced natural ingredients used, to its protection of precious rainforest around the world, the purpose-led brand is dedicated to putting the planet first in more ways than one.

Remarkably, if every one of the 3 billion nappies used in the UK every year was a Kit & Kin nappy, it  would save more than 36,000 tonnes of carbon from being released, based on the brand’s carbon neutral production alone. This equates to the emissions produced from driving 90,475,123 miles – that’s almost as far as the distance from the Earth to the Sun!.*

As well as its carbon conscious production, Kit & Kin is committed to locking in millions of tonnes of  Carbon Biomass through its efforts to safeguard the rainforest.

Speaking about the brand's promise, co-founder Emma Bunton explains: “For every 10 nappy  subscriptions, we purchase and protect 1 acre of precious rainforest around the world, helping to  safeguard this vital ecosystem for generations to come. Now more than ever it’s crucial we’re all  doing our bit to look after our planet, and making the switch to Kit & Kin is such a simple way to  make a difference.”

Preserving our rainforests is one of the most important ways to help regulate the Earth's climate and  capture carbon dioxide. Protecting 1 acre of rainforest with every 10 subscriptions means that each  and every subscription protects 5 trees, creates 7600 tonnes of water and preserves 13 tonnes of  carbon.

Kit & Kin has already saved thousands of acres from deforestation. 

Emma added: “Being ethically and environmentally conscious is at the very heart of every action we  take here at Kit & Kin, but it is all thanks to our customers that we have been able to make a real  impact. It has been a phenomenal journey so far and we hope to go on to protect thousands more  acres of precious rainforest.”

Kit & Kin boasts a fantastic collection of eco-friendly products for the family, from its multi-award  winning nappies, 100% biodegradable wipes and natural skincare, to its organic cotton babywear  range. It’s a brand that supports parents to make sustainable choices and keep their carbon  footprint down, while also investing in the world our children will grow up in - a win for all.



*Equivalence figures sourced from United States Environmental Agency Greenhouse Gas  Equivalences Calculator

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