picture of Gloucester Treasure Map Trail


Take adventurous dads back to their youth with the gift of a Treasure Map Trail this Father's Day.

Dads who grew up with the films of Indiana Jones or The Goonies can lead their own family on a quest round a local town, following the fantasy-themed map to find treasures including statues, gargoyles, carvings and old signs.

Made for kids aged 5 to 12, Treasure Map Trails are award-winning family adventures that encourage children and their parents to explore local towns and cities in a totally new way.

picture of Two boys doing a Treasure Map Trail Each map is based on a town's real road layout and includes feature buildings that help youngsters to find their way around, as they search for treasures that often have links to hundreds of years of local history. And every map has a fantasy-theme to fire the imagination of young explorers.

There are more than 40 adventures to choose from, with treasure maps for locations including central London, Cambridge, Oxford, Windsor, Chester and more. Maps cost from £4.99 for an affordable adventure. 

See the maps at https://treasuremaptrails.com. 

picture of Oxford Centre Treasure Map Trail

Treasure Map Trails. Local towns, treasure mapped.

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