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The award-winning Dino Tales franchise launches on Nintendo Switch

Lizz Banks
Authored by Lizz Banks
Posted: Sunday, July 17, 2022 - 22:50

Educational game developer Kuato Studios brings Dino Tales to Nintendo Switch with seven dinosaur characters and stimulating gameplay

Kuato Studios, the award-winning developer of educational games, has released the critically acclaimed Dino Tales, kids app on Nintendo SwitchTM.

Picture of Dino Tales Nintendo Switch game Dino Tales is aimed at children aged 6 to 11 and takes them on a journey through a vivid, prehistoric world, full of fun activities and locations to explore. The game is perfect for primary school children to play and engage with while expanding their imagination and knowledge of dinosaurs. The game combines a fun open world with minigames and collectables to improve children's creativity and problem-solving skills. 

Every time the game is played, a ‘Dino Tale’ is created, which captures users’ game activities in pictures and words, and presents them in classic storybook form within the game. This helps to develop the players’ literacy and storytelling skills. 

Picture of Dino Tales Nintendo Switch game The game features a talking dinosaur host called Darwin who guides the children through gameplay, stimulating their curiosity by answering their questions about dinosaurs, fossils, and other prehistoric topics. The game has seven baby dinosaur characters, and each tale features one or more dinosaurs as they travel through their adventures on Dino Tales Island. 

Now available on Nintendo Switch, Dino Tales is fully remastered and ready for prehistoric exploration. Mark Horneff, CEO, Kuato Studios commented: “Educational games are 

often overlooked for not providing the same experience as traditional game titles. Our goal with Dino Tales and Kuato as a whole is to change that perspective. Our titles strike a good balance between giving young gamers valuable lessons while also delivering interactive entertainment not found in other ‘educational’ titles. Dino Tales’ launch on Nintendo SwitchTM will allow more young gamers to learn through play.”

Join in the adventure at KuatoStudios.com and follow Kuato Studios on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for further information.

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