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The UK’s Best Hidden Lidos for the best outdoor swimming experience

-        Jesus Green Outdoor Pool in Cambridge is the UK’s quietest lido (3 hashtags)

-        Parliament Hill Lido in London (6) and Heathersage Pool in the Peak District (8) are also in the top three.

-        Devon is home to two of the top ten quietest lidos: Buckfastleigh Open Air Pool, and Chagford Swimming Pool.

-        London and Cornwall are home to some of the most in-demand outdoor pools.

In preparation for the upcoming heatwave, bath retailer Showers to You looked to find the quietest outside pools in the UK: two of them - Chagford Swimming Pool and Buckfastleigh Open-Air Pool are located in Devon.

The Top 10 Quietest Pools:

Lido Location Number of hashtags
Jesus Green Outdoor Pool Cambridge 3
Parliament Hill Lido London 6
Heathersage Pool Peak District 8
Shap Swimming Pool Cumbria 40
Chagford Swimming Pool Devon 51
Petersfield Open-Air Pool East Hampshire 59
Nantwich Brine Pool Cheshire 66
Buckfastleigh Open-Air Pool Devon 69
New Cumnock Pool East Ayrshire 184
Droitwich Spa Lido Worcestershire 194

With the fewest hashtags of those analysed, Jesus Green Outdoor Pool in Cambridge tops the list as our most secluded pool, with just 3 Instagram hashtags. In addition to being the quietest pool, this pool is one of the largest in Europe, and it is located in a picturesque park. There is also a sauna available to pool visitors, making this location perfect all year round.

London is also home to a secluded pool, with Parliament Hill Lido taking second place with just 6 Instagram hashtags. This 6-metre-long open-air is open to visit 365 days a year, and near it, there are several bathing ponds if you fancy some wild swimming.

The third quietest lido in the UK is Heathersage Pool in the Peak District, with 8 hashtags. The 30-metre pool provides the unique opportunity to swim in the open air amidst the glorious Peak District scenery. The pool is heated to 28°C all year round, making it a perfect spot for those who don’t appreciate the chill.

Finishing off the top 10 secluded outdoor pools are: Shap Swimming Pool in Cumbria (40 hashtags)Chagford Swimming Pool in Devon (51)Petersfield Open Air Pool in East Hampshire (59)Nantwich Outdoor Brine Pool (66), Buckfastleigh Open Air Pool in Devon (69), New Cumnock Pool in East Ayrshire (184), and Droitwich Spa Lido in Worcestershire (194).

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