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Why Your Baby May Need Sun Protection During The Winter

Petit Peepers
Authored by Petit Peepers
Posted: Thursday, November 16, 2023 - 16:21

We all know the recommended guidelines when it comes to baby sun safety in the summer. Keep baby in the shade, stay indoors during the hottest part of the day, use UV protective swimwear and suncream, wear a hat. But did you know that babies might also need sun protection during the winter?  

During the winter months in the UK, we have reduced hours of sunlight, and the sun isn’t as strong as in the summer. Most of us aren’t wearing suncream. That said, sometimes we do still wear suncream and wear sunglasses to reduce glare during the winter, especially if we experience that unique combination of sun and snow when travelling to another country for snow sports such as skiing.

Sun on a snowy day is not all that uncommon in European countries. That’s why you might have experienced getting tan lines on your face after a skiing holiday! So what should we do with babies if they are coming with us on holiday this year to a snowy climate?

Although the weather might not feel hot, be aware of the fact that if the sun is strong, it’s important to shade baby’s skin from the sun. Whether that’s by going inside or applying a suncream product. But one of the most important things you can do, is to invest in a pair of baby sunglasses.

Baby sunglasses I hear you ask? That’s right, baby sunglasses aren’t just a fashion accessory. They are a practical item that can help to reduce the chance of eye disease later in life. Not only should babies be wearing sunglasses in the summer months, but you should also consider using them on sunny winter days in the snow.

Babies eyes are much more sensitive to UV light than adults. And that means that protecting their eyes from the sun on a sunny day, just as much as you would protect their skin. If you’re wearing sunglasses, there’s a good chance your baby needs them too.

Make sure that the sunglasses that you choose have 100% UV protection (also known as UV400 protection), and make sure that they fit well. Ideally you’ll want a pair of sunglasses that can grow with your child, and offer adequate sun protection from the age of 0-2. Many baby sunglasses have a strap that you can attach, to make sure they are secure and don’t get lost.

It’s also a good idea to look for sunglasses brands that are made with non-toxic materials, and adhere to all testing regulations. Petit Peepers is a great place to start, where you will find non-toxic, stylish baby sunglasses that fit, and will grow with your baby between the ages of 0-2. Petit Peepers remove the guesswork about sizing with their handy charts, and you’ll get a great fit using the strap and accessories so that your babies eyes are well protected from the sun throughout the year.

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