picture of a single mum travelling with two children

Top tips for travelling as a single parent

Parenting coach reveals their top tips for travelling as a single parent

• Skyparksecure have teamed up with a parenting coach Isobel Mary Champion to share top tips for travelling as a single parent 

• From investing in fun luggage to storing dummies in condiment cups, these tips are bound to make your life easier if you're a single parent.  

• SkyParkSecure also spoke to a family traveller, Luke Gallimore on his best advice for making the journey easier. 

Travelling as a single parent takes preparation and planning to make your journey as smooth as possible. With searches for ‘traveling as a single parent’ rising by 100% in the last 12 months, it looks as if single parents are looking to make their lives easier.

 In light of this, SkyParkSecure have spoken to, parenting coach Isobel Mary Champion to share some top tips. 

Tips for traveling as a single parent

1. Pack Light

That means seriously light! Take the capsule wardrobe to the max! Most of us overpack for everything and end up only using a fraction of what we transported all that way with us. Go minimal, and if you are making a regular journey to stay with family or friends, think about asking them if you can keep some basics there. Or check and see if the accommodation you're staying at has a washing machine, so you can wash some clothes whilst you're there. 

picture of a dad walking through airport with son and fun luggage

2. Fun Luggage

Invest in some fun luggage that your child will want to carry, ride on, or pull along! There are many cool kids luggage options out there, and they can make a world of difference. Get your child to practice carrying a rucksack or pulling a wheelie case for a few days before the trip - practice makes perfect!

3. Research airline policies around pushchairs 

Check what equipment you are allowed to take on your airline and make the most of it! A buggy can be really handy even if your child has grown out of it (it can hold all those items your child refuses to carry after the first ten minutes!).

picture of a mum on a plane with two young children

4. Believe in the kindness of strangers

Never be afraid to ask a fellow passenger if they would mind lending you a hand lifting or carrying something - most people are inherently kind but many are too timid to offer (they might not want to offend you by asking!). 

5. Pack outfits in self-seal bags and store dummies in condiment cups

Pack each outfit for your child in your hold luggage and any spare carry-on clothes for them into clear bags; the organisation makes changing easier if an accident happens. To avoid dummies collecting dirt, next time you eat out grab a few condiment cups to store them in.


Dad of two, Luke Gallimore, recently travelled to Turkey and advised: “Always make lists of what you need and tick off as you pack, our boys love their devices, so we make sure we have enough films for them downloaded for the flight, so you don’t need to worry if there is dodgy or non-existent Wi-Fi.

“Also, if you have a buggy take it with you, in our experience, you’ll get through security faster.”

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