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3 side hustle ideas to make extra money as a Mum

Money saving influencer, who helps parents navigate the cost of living crisis shares her top three ways to make extra money as a Mum. You can follow Sophie on Instagram for more tips. 

1. Selling your old things on Vinted 

If you love shopping on Vinted then you’ll love selling on it even more! 

It can be a little time-consuming as you have to list each item. However, vinted helps to speed this process up by suggesting sizes, colours, categories etc. Make sure to photograph items in a light space with natural daylight. I find items sell better when they are hung up and well-presented. 

Using as many words in the description is essential for making money on vinted. If you have a t-shirt from h&m and list it as 'girls t-shirt h&m' you are only going to get hits when people search those three words. They are also pretty generic so will be more saturated, pushing your item to the bottom quicker. Instead, try 'girl's short sleeve t-shirt / top from h&m. Navy and white horizontal stripes / striped pattern with a small pocket on the chest'. Now, your item will be seen under more searches.

You can use your credit from items you’ve sold to purchase other things on the app or withdraw it straight into your bank account. 

2. Reselling items at car boots or village fairs

I went online and found some reduced stock and set myself a budget of £200. When selecting the stock, I knew my ideal client was 'children between 6-10 whose parents have given them £10 to go and spend'. So I filled my basket with keyrings, fidget toys, scrunchies and all sorts of cute things! I spent about £170 on stock. Then an additional £25 on a pitch fee for a local summer fair. If you are trading at summer fairs you will need public liability insurance which you can get for a low monthly cost. 

I ended up making £427 from the first two fairs!  

Online surveys:

If you follow me on social media, you will know Cashback.co.uk is one of my all time favourite ways of making money online. It takes a little longer than other sites, however the payout is much greater - I made £63.50 which was a nice little Xmas bonus. You basically have to complete a task from each level. I only complete the ones which don’t require you to spend money. I’ve even done some free trials and received dishwasher tablets, washing tablets, boxers for Adam and a Simply Cook box for free!   

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