picture of So Slime Sensations Sugary crush kit

Upgrade your sensory play experience with the new So Slime Sensations Sugary crush kit

So Slime Sensations Sugary Crush is designed to provide children with a unique sensory play experience, combining vibrant colours, diverse textures, and satisfying ASMR effects. Our products, such as the Sugary Crush Deluxe kit, allow kids to mix, squish, and stretch various compounds to create personalised, sensory-rich slime.

This line emphasizes not only fun but also the soothing and engaging qualities of ASMR, making it a standout in the market. With numerous styles and combinations available, So Slime Sensations encourages creativity and tactile exploration, ensuring hours of enjoyable and therapeutic play.

So Slime Sensations Sugary Crush Deluxe Pack - £19.99

"This sensational Sugary Crush 3 Pack includes 3 sweet creations.

Follow the easy instructions to make waffles, donuts and a milkshake!

Have fun mixing all the ingredients together, just like the real thing. enjoy the sensations of the different compounds and decorations.

Don't forget to take a picture and share before you crush it! "


 Available from Smyths Toys from 17th June 2024

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