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Festive names for your Christmas baby

Are you expecting a little bundle of joy this festive season? Or maybe you're just a fan of the magical Christmas spirit year-round? Either way, naming your little one can be as exciting as Christmas morning itself! To help out we have put together a list of 10 Christmas themed baby names for you to try.

Christmas themed Boys names:
  1. Nicholas - Inspired by Saint Nicholas, a traditional
  2. ...

Lizz Banks

Lizz Banks




Cosatto limbers up for biggest ever Black Friday Sale!

Cosatto is in training to prepare for its biggest ever Black Friday event. In its mission to ban the boring, the team is limbering up for the ultimate challenge, ready to bring new mums, dads, and caregivers the BEST deals of the year! With giveaways and a NEW ‘Lowest price guarantee’, it’s a whole month of deals not to be missed!

The brand, known for its vibrant, lively...

picture of mum kissing her baby in the snow

Why Your Baby May Need Sun Protection During The Winter

We all know the recommended guidelines when it comes to baby sun safety in the summer. Keep baby in the shade, stay indoors during the hottest part of the day, use UV protective swimwear and suncream, wear a hat. But did you know that babies might also need sun protection during the winter?

During the winter months in the UK, we have reduced hours of sunlight, and the sun isn’t as...

picture of an Autumn baby

10 Autumn themed baby names with meanings

Choosing a name for your baby is a special and meaningful decision. If you have a fondness for the beauty and enchantment of the autumn season, you might find inspiration in these autumn-themed baby names. Each name is not only a nod to the colorful and crisp days of fall but also carries its unique charm and significance. Whether you're expecting an autumn baby or simply appreciate the...

Venicci pram parasols: Protection in all conditions

When you plan to go on a walk with your baby, regardless of the weather conditions, there's one accessory you really should have - a Venicci pram parasol. Venicci is a brand trusted by parents across 20 countries, mainly due to how closely they work with families to ensure absolute trust in their products. In this article, we will look at why a pram parasol is something that every parent...

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New mums everywhere can rejoice with the launch of NEW Baby Earol®, which is clinically proven to naturally remove ear wax in babies.

With over 15 years’ of experience in providing effective ear wax removal solutions, Earol has created this new product for babies aged 6 months +, used to soften and naturally release ear wax safely. In a handy spray format, it provides a metered dose of 0.05ml...

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What the experts WISH you knew about having a new baby

Having a new baby is one of the most exciting, nerve-racking, terrifying and momentous occasions in a person’s life. So much is about to change as you navigate the twists and turns of parenthood.

The Baby Show , with Lidl GB, which returns to Olympia London from 20th – 22nd October has called on its host of expert speakers to share their ULTIMATE top tips for new and expectant...

picture of mum using the Introducing Aries Auto-Fold Stroller

Introducing Ickle Bubba's Lightest Stroller Yet

Aries – Light as Air

Nursery brand launches Aries Stroller, weighing just 6.1kg

Nursery Brand, Ickle Bubba, is thrilled to be launching yet another stroller into its ever-growing range of affordable yet stylish wheeled goods. Introducing the Aries Auto-Fold Stroller , sure to have all new parents walking on air!

Perfect for parents who relish in city living, or...

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Stacey Dooley leads an online revolt against infant feeding judgement with Tommee Tippee

As new research reveals the majority of parents suffer ‘feeding judgement’, Tommee Tippee launches national campaign to celebrate and normalise all infant feeding experiences

  • Over half (53%) of parents report having felt judged for how they feed their babies
  • 57% of bottle-feeding parents report being judged for using a bottle, compared to 38% of parents who
  • ...
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The Insider's Guide to Birth - 10 taboo topics only midwives know

September is THE busiest month for midwives, with the most popular day to be born in the UK being the 26th September.

The Baby Show , with Lidl GB, returns to Olympia London from 20th – 22nd October and they’ve teamed up with the experts at My Expert Midwife to discover 10 taboo topics that only midwives will know with the aim of helping an expectant parent on their journey to...

picture of mum and baby outside in the sun

6 Ways to Keep Your Baby Cool in the Heat

As the sun's rays beat down during the scorching summer months, it's crucial to ensure that your baby stays comfortable and safe in the heat. Babies are more susceptible to heat-related issues like dehydration and heat exhaustion, so it's essential to take extra precautions to keep them cool. Here are six effective ways to help your baby beat the heat and enjoy a safe and enjoyable summer....

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