picture of Happy children outside

5 Benefits of kids being active and ditching devices


THE benefits children can derive by getting off their devices and being active have been outlined by a leading research psychologist.

Dr Gummer, who specialises in child development, said activities can help boost mental and physical wellbeing, aid sleep and improve young people’s...

picture of a family outside a caravan

How to Save Money at the Caravan

According to Verdant Leisure’s Travel Trend Report for 2024, 47% of survey respondents were hoping to book a caravan holiday for a domestic escape. It’s a long-standing holiday tradition in Great Britain for families to explore new places throughout the country and with the cost of living continuing to be a concern for holidaymakers, it’s a fantastic alternative to going abroad.


Summer Camps Trust by Joanna Walter

The Summer Camps Trust launches its Try Out Camps for August 2024

Charity the Summer Camps Trust has launched their Try Out Camps for August 2024 at Longtown Outdoor Education Centre, on the Herefordshire – Wales border, in wonderful countryside. The camps are subsidised to encourage parents who have never thought about sending their children aged between 9 and 15 away to a camp before to give it a try.

Summer Camps are residential children’s...

picture of a child in a car feeling travel sick

Health Expert Reveals Top Tips for Avoiding Travel Sickness

From long road trips in your used Ford to the work commute, travel sickness is a problem. With one in three people likely to experience motion sickness, knowing how to reduce its effects is necessary to enjoy your travels, especially among children.

Sam Sheehan, the motoring editor at cinch , the faff-free way to buy a car online, says: “Travel sickness isn’t fun. It can severely...

picture of a child asleep at Christmas

Santa's Little Sleepers: 5 tips to help your child sleep this Christmas

Christmas is an exciting time for everyone, but especially for younger children and changes to routines and the anticipation of Christmas day can make getting a good night's sleep difficult. With that in mind, the experts at Sleepseeker have compiled a list of tips to help ensure that your child gets a good night's sleep and is properly rested for all of their favourite Christmas activities...

picture of a child toilet training

Introducing the revolutionary new toileting approach with children with additional needs

With many children with additional needs struggling to recognise the need to use the toilet, and experiencing accidents at home and in schools at all ages, toilet training and additional needs expert and author, Charmaine Champ, has launched a revolutionary new toileting membership support group, “Toileting the next steps”, to help families, nurseries and schools, identify difficulties...

picture of a child sat on a sofa watching television

Sedentary time in children linked with heart damage in young adulthood

Inactivity during childhood could increase the chance of heart attacks and strokes later in life, and children and teenagers need to move more to protect their long-term health.

A new study from the University of Exeter, in collaboration with the University of Bristol and the University of Eastern Finland and presented at the European Society of Cardiology Congress 2023, has found that...

picture of a mother and child meditating

How simple mindfulness activities can help relieve children's back to school anxiety

The start of the school term can be an extremely daunting time for children; meeting new teachers and classmates, moving schools and classrooms, not to mention new learning pressures. Children’s mindfulness coach and Voxblock meditations series author, Christiane Kerr explains the benefits of mindfulness for children and gives some easy techniques to help your children cope with the start of...

picture of hey duggee summer fun mix advert


Available exclusively on Hey Duggee YouTube from Friday 18th August

BBC Studios Kids & Family and BBC Studios Social is thrilled to announce that Felix Martin from the legendary British electronic pop band Hot Chip has teamed up with the hit preschool brand Hey Duggee to create ‘Hey Duggee: Summer Fun Mix’ .

Hot Chip’s Felix Martin, the fifth member of Mercury Music Prize &...

picture of a calm childrens bedroom

5 tips for creating a calming bedroom for your little one

While many parents try to make their little one’s room as colourful and vibrant as possible, this isn’t always the best idea. A bright and busy room can easily stimulate children’s senses, which is great during the daytime but can make winding down in the evening more of a challenge. So, to help your child get the good quality sleep they need for keeping up their energy throughout the day,...


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