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Nearly 1 in 4 Parents Admit to Allowing Their Child to Eat Food Dropped on the Floor, Survey Reveals

‘The 5-Second Rule’ is a popularly held concept that has divided opinions across the globe since its conception.

With such disparity around the subject, Tile Warehouse conducted a survey to determine how often the UK public is abiding by the myth, how long is too long, and whether the rules for children are the same as the adults raising them.

Here’s what the data reveals...

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The best creative and educational gift for astronomy buffs!

Introducing our BRAND NEW space explorer placemat to go!

Kids can colour-in and discover the solar system with this fun and educational placemat to go, complete with a set of 10 wash-out fabric pens. Featuring spacecraft, planets and stars on one side and the historic moon landing scene on the other, it’s perfect for out-of-this-world discoveries – there’s even a fun trick for remembering the...

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Establishing Positive Eating Habits for Children

Healthy Heart Tip: Establishing Positive Eating Habits for Children Childhood is a particularly important period for forming positive behaviours related to nutrition. Children who learn and practise positive eating habits from an early age are likely to make healthy choices when they grow up. Here we explore some ways to help promote positive eating behaviours: Stick to regular meal and snack...
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Supper School: New research from HelloFresh finds dinnertime is key for educating children AND parents

  • 63% of parents say that conversations over the dinner table make them feel more connected with their children
  • Half (50%) of families consider dinnertime to be the best moment to fully communicate with their families
  • 53% say they are better listeners during dinnertime conversations than at any other point in the day

London, 2021: With new technology...

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Rise in Pandemic-Related Eating Disorders In Young People


New research from Bupa UK shows how the pandemic has raised awareness of eating disorders in younger generations. Teenagers have turned to harmful coping mechanisms to manage their mental health during the pandemic, including controlling or restricting their food intake.

- 46% of...

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Two thirds of parents more worried about their children’s health than ever before

  • Struggling parents admit that ALMOST HALF of children try healthy foods and don’t like them
  • Parents are losing the battle against healthy eating, with over a quarter giving up on getting their children to eat better.
  • Sprouts, mushrooms, spinach, and millennial favourite avocado are among the most hated healthy foods for kids
  • Almost a third of parents
  • ...
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Get ready for camping in 2021

Get ready for camping in 2021

If you’re riding high on the wave of enthusiasm for UK holidays then you may have already booked to go camping in 2021. Whether you’re a pro at pitching at tent or you’re first timers excited to get out in the fresh air, you need to be prepared for your first night under canvas.

Claire Hall is the award-winning blogger behind the family travel...

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2021 – Is it the year of the BBQ?

MEATER teams up with the Godfather of UK BBQ cooking, the author of a best-selling BBQ cookbook and creator of the UK’s largest BBQ group on Facebook, Marcus Bawdon, to provide top tips on how to have a ‘smokin’ outdoor cooking experience.

Leicester, 21 Apr 2021 – It is safe to assume that 2020 was not the year that anybody had planned. In fact, many people will want to...