“Faster than a calculator”: Glasgow-based mathematics programme celebrates 1,000th student – Ryan Mohanty

Schoolchildren around the world are learning a new way to calculate sums thanks to Supermaths

Supermaths is an online tuition programme that teaches kids an alternative and highly effective approach to arithmetic. Run by the British Youth International College (BYITC) since 2015, the course has now welcomed its 1,000th student.

Ten-year-old Ryan Mohanty has already made...

Pupil using Voice Selector Study to help focus in classroom

New tech solution to create better learning environment for young people

Nuance Hearing , a leading provider of focused listening technology, has launched the Voice Selector Study, a new technological solution to help young people concentrate in noisy and distraction-filled classroom environments.

The device creates a better learning environment for young people, helping them to listen to the teacher and follow instructions, while tuning out other...

picture of a defibrillator

Every school will have a life-saving defibrillator by 22/23

Schools without a defibrillator to be provided one by government by the end of 22/23 academic year, building on curriculum teaching first aid and CPR

State-funded schools across England will receive defibrillators under new government plans to make sure there is a device in every school, boosting their numbers in communities across the country.

Defibrillators have the potential to...

picture of pencils in a pot

Intervention to improve underperforming schools to begin from September 2022

Strong multi-academy trusts to be found to help rapidly improve schools with consecutive Ofsted ratings below Good

Underperforming schools will be the focus of new government powers to raise standards of education for young people locally.

The new powers will mean schools with two or more consecutive Ofsted ratings below ‘Good’ may be matched with a strong multi-academy trust, to...

picture of charlie is not just scribbling social post

Early Years Alliance launches #WeAreEducators campaign

Leading membership organisation the Early Years Alliance has today launched a new campaign to recognise those working in the early years as educational professionals.

The #WeAreEducators campaign aims to help those working in the early years sector highlight to parents, local communities and policymakers the unique importance of the early years and the role the early years workforce...

picture of school children in class with a teacher

Review launches to future proof role of academy trusts

Will look at how government supports growth of trust sector, helping trusts improve schools

The Department for Education has today, Wednesday 29 June, launched a review of how it works with academy trusts, helping make sure the children in schools within trusts get the right support to fulfil their potential.

The review will look at the standards trusts are held to, and the...

picture of a happy teacher with young pupils

England opens doors to world’s best teachers

A new, fairer system for bringing best international teachers to England will be launched alongside support to help overseas teachers integrate into teaching.

The best teachers from across the world will be supported to work in schools in England from 2023, as part of the government’s commitment to ensure every pupil is taught by an excellent teacher.

International teachers...

picture of school teacher and school children

Thousands more school and sixth form places to be created

Up to 75 new free schools including sixth forms, specialist and alternative provision settings will offer tailored support, levelling up opportunities for all.

Thousands of new school places will be created for children in England, including for those who are living in disadvantaged areas, have special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), or require alternative provision....

picture of a child playing the guitar

Sport and music education championed with new investment

New sport and music opportunities announced to better support children’s development

Children across the country to be supported to find and develop their passions through increased opportunities to study music, learn instruments, and take up sports and activities thanks to a multi-million-pound investment into sports and music education.

The announcement made by the government today...

picture of a happy female student

Student loan interest rates capped

Student loan interest rates cut to 7.3% from 12% from September 2022

This is the largest scale reduction of student loan interest rates on record to support graduate borrowers

The government will cap student loan interest rates for current graduate borrowers to protect them from a rise in inflation.

A rise in the rate of RPI due to global economic pressures meant student...