picture of Joss Cambridge-Simmons

Connection before correction by Joss Cambridge-Simmons

How connection before correction might work for you:

Calm your own expectations or fears (remember your child is imperfect just like you). Enter into your child's world, think about the experience from their point of view. Listen to what your child might have to say.

Focus on solutions and creating opportunities for children to learn how to make amends. Below I go into depth with...

picture of a teenage girl

Pressure to be ‘perfect’ causes mental health issues for teenage girls, research shows

Pressure from schools and families to live up to society’s expectations of the “ideal” girl and be “good” causes mental health issues in teenage girls, a study shows. Cultures in schools and at home contribute to anxiety in girls from all backgrounds, researchers have found.

Pressure to achieve high grades, be popular and beautiful, and participate in extra-curricular activities can lead to...