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REVEALED: How to Save Money While on a Staycation

According to data from OnePoll, the average spend on staycation holidays in 2023 was around £1,011.30 , nearly double what was spent in 2022. While the popularity of staycations has dropped, with 27% of families planning a longer staycation in 2024 from 35% in 2023 , according to a survey by RSM UK, staycations can still be costly despite being considered an affordable holiday option....

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5 family-friendly activities to enjoy if you’re worried about money

With the UK economy falling into a recession and the cost of living crisis still affecting families across the country, many people may be looking for cost-effective activities to help keep their children entertained this spring.

The experts at Millets have compiled their top 5 kid-friendly ideas that the whole family can get involved in.

5 family-friendly activities: 1. Fort/...
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Educational weekend activity ideas for families

As any parent would attest, keeping the kids entertained on the weekends is no mean feat – and it becomes harder still when you attempt to incorporate some educational components into your itinerary. However, with a little imagination and a (perhaps larger) dose of patience, it is possible to combine the two. Best of all, when the kids are having fun doing an activity, they won’t even realise...

picture of a family doing yoga together

Family-friendly summer workouts

Getting active: Family-friendly summer workouts

Exercise isn’t just something adults should do at the gym: the whole family needs to get plenty of movement in their everyday lives, both for their physical and mental health. The good news is that during the summer holidays, you have a great opportunity to exercise as a family, as you not only have the time but also (hopefully) the weather....

picture of mum and child on a walk

How to enjoy a family walk this Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a wonderful occasion to celebrate motherhood with all the family , and as the weather improves, a family walk is a great way to spend time together. Getting outside and taking in some fresh air and nature is sure to be a relaxing day out for Mum, and there are plenty of imaginative ways to make it even more fun for both parents and little ones.

Here, Charles Clinkard will take...

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Netflix vs Board Games: Family ‘Night in’ Essentials for a Cosy Success! 

Nights at home suddenly become much more desirable once wintertime rolls around. The drop in temperature means many families prefer the warmth of their homes to the great outdoors, cosy with a fluffy blanket, a mug of hot chocolate, and their favourite television series.

But what else is needed in order to achieve the ultimate family night in? Here we’ve put together a list of...

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Planning a Family Day Out? Check Out the Top 10 Children-Friendly Country Parks in the UK

The outdoors provides a great opportunity for family activities, where you get to spend some quality time with both your loved ones and nature. It’s the perfect weekend recharge recipe that is sure to bring you joy and unforgettable memories.

Here in the UK, we are blessed with a wide variety of country parks, spanning across endless fields, small hills, and deep forests. Packed with...

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Experience a Very Venetian Family Adventure at Hilton Molino Stucky Venice

Swap Screen Time for New Cultural Family Activities from Venetian Rowing to Mask Making

Hilton Molino Stucky Venice , the five-star hotel on Giudecca Island, is delighted to offer families a series of must-try cultural activities during their time in Venice. Designed to immerse all ages in the local culture and history, the local offerings encourage families to swap screen time and the...

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How to keep active in the school holidays with the kids off

This year my youngest started school, so it has been the first time in nearly 8 years that I have had both of my children in school and a bit of time to myself in the day. Over the past year I have built up quite a good exercise routine in term time, but that always goes on pause when the holidays come around.

I have been so excited about having the children off school for 6 weeks...

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Cheap ways to keep kids entertained during holidays

With the school holidays approaching, families are being given advice on how to fill the children’s spare time with fun activities that won’t break the bank.

Online wholesaler Wholesale Sweets are giving their budget friendly tips on how to keep the kids entertained during the summer.

They’ve looked at a variety of both indoor and outdoor options and among their suggestions...


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