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REVEALED: How to Save Money While on a Staycation

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Posted: Monday, May 20, 2024 - 09:35

According to data from OnePoll, the average spend on staycation holidays in 2023 was around £1,011.30, nearly double what was spent in 2022. While the popularity of staycations has dropped, with 27% of families planning a longer staycation in 2024 from 35% in 2023, according to a survey by RSM UK, staycations can still be costly despite being considered an affordable holiday option.

So, how can you make the most of your staycation while staying within budget?

Find the best place to stay

Shopping around to find a cost-effective place to stay on your holiday can be hugely beneficial to your budget, leaving room for spending elsewhere. No matter where you’re going, there may be better and cheaper alternatives that will meet your needs just the same as more expensive options.

A great example of this is the temptation to look for hotels and accommodations in the city centre. While this is great for convenience, it can be considerably more expensive. A survey by Kayak found that the average cost for hotel rooms in large cities of the UK can be anywhere from £54 per night, like in Aberdeen, to as much as £133 per night in Brighton.

Consider looking outside the area where you plan to travel to find the best deal for your trip. Booking a hotel or Airbnb close to your destination can save you money while still being easily accessible by walking or public transport.

Save money on activities

No matter where you’re going around the UK for a city break or staycation, the best activities and events are bound to have a fair price tag attached. The easiest way to save money on this, particularly if it’s part of your hobby, is by supplying your own equipment. From kayaking to cycling trails, you can save lots of money in your budget on a rental kit.

Ben Mercer of Leisure Lakes Bikes is a huge advocate of bringing your own equipment for activities on holiday: “By taking your bike with you, whether it’s to a caravan park or abroad, you’re both avoiding fees for rentals and getting the most out of the activities using equipment that’s familiar to you. Plus, if you’re an electric bike owner, they’re often not available for rent at holiday parks, so you’ll be able to guarantee you have one if you need it.”

“An added bonus is you can save money on public transport and cover more ground than you were previously able to with your own bike. For example, if you’re on a city break in Manchester and want to explore the nearby towns in the northwest, there are plenty of spots nearby that can be explored. And for the more adventurous looking to explore further can look at some long-distance cycling, with Liverpool, Blackpool, and even more a few hours away in the saddle.”

It’s not just big things like bikes and kayaks, either. For those taking little ones away for the holidays, keeping them entertained is paramount. Rather than relying on the hope that local shops supply board games, books, or balls to throw around, bringing your own can help reduce boredom between bigger activities.

Balance cooking and eating out

You’re on holiday, so the temptation will always be to sample the restaurants that are local to where you’re staying. Dining out can be a major budget drain, especially considering the markups some restaurants add specifically to target unsuspecting tourists.

Making the most of the amenities where you’re staying can save you lots of money. Whether you’re in an Airbnb, a caravan, or even some hotel suites, there’ll be a kitchen or a space to make and prepare your own food. It doesn’t just have to be for mealtimes when you’re in your room. You can prepare lunch ahead of being out and about, which can help save you money rather than stopping at a nearby restaurant or café.



When we’re on holiday, even if it's a staycation, we can be tempted to be a bit more liberal with our money rather than aiming to stay within budget. But with these handy tips, you can approach your break with your budget in mind and not break the bank.






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