picture of a family stood on a cliff top looking out at the sea

Get cheaper holidays for Summer 2024 by avoiding this ONE mistake 

To help those booking holidays for 2024, travel agent and director of multi-centre holiday specialists, eShores, Gavin Lapidus, explains the best ways to save money on flights.

1. Buy luggage at the right time

It’s well-known that flights’ prices fluctuate a lot – but did you know that luggage prices do too? Ryanair, for example, offers the option to buy a priority ticket that...

picture of a family on top of a cliff looking out at a beautiful sea

The majority of Brits planning family holidays despite rising costs

New research from Legal & General has revealed many Brits are still prioritising family holidays, despite rising costs and financial pressure amidst the cost-of-living crisis.

The research found that 46% of Brits think it is important to go on multigenerational holidays, which include both their immediate and extended family members. It also found the majority (54%) said they...

picture of holiday essentials on a sandy beach


The summer holidays are an exciting time, and with a little bit of forward planning they can also be more affordable than ever before.

Money experts at Sambla have researched the cost of those all important summer items to find out whether it's worth delaying your holiday shop to save the pennies.

To conduct the study we researched and analysed one-year of price comparison...

picture of a family on a food tourism holiday

How to participate in food tourism as a family

Food tourism is a growing trend in the travel industry that sees visitors plan their itineraries with food as the central theme. Parents may take a sharp intake of breath at this proposition, knowing that fussy little travellers can make meal times challenging at the best of times, let alone in unfamiliar territory. However, travelling can be a great way to encourage children to try different...

picture of a family planning a holiday

I’m a personal finance expert and here’s how to save for your dream family holiday

  • Despite the cost of living and inflation rising, consumers are still looking to prioritise travel in 2024.
  • Online travel agent, loveholidays, has teamed up with personal finance expert Ashley De La Haye to provide tips on budgeting for this year's trips.
  • Mum of one, Sophie Hayes, a HR professional from Leeds, explains how she budgets for her summer holiday.
  • ...
picture of a happy little girl with a passport

What if my child's passport doesn’t arrive in time?

If you’re planning your 2024 holidays, you need to make sure your whole family's passports are renewed ahead of time- but when is it too late? Kelly Johnstone at Avanti Travel Insurance explains everything you need to know

Passport renewals have been in high demand ever since the pandemic hit. People didn’t travel for a couple of years, and then suddenly everyone was itching to explore the...

picture of a family skiing down the mountain on their first ski holiday

What to consider for your Family Ski trip

We had our first family ski holiday last year and we absolutely loved it! My husband has been skiing for years, but our children and I had never been, so planning a holiday that worked for everyone was really important to us. Here are some things that we considered before our first trip.

Things to consider for you first family ski holiday Who are you going with

As my husband was a...

picture of TUIs Chief Good List Officer


  • New data reveals 35% of kids aged 3-11 across the UK start writing their Christmas wish lists in November
  • 55% of parents notice a switch in their little one’s behaviour in October
  • A holiday or experience tops the list for 78% of children, with 45% dreaming of seeing Santa in Lapland
  • TUI recruits viral mini superstar Jackson, to encourage kids to share
  • ...
picture of a happy and calm family relaxing at Christmas

5 Ways to Help Your Child Avoid Christmas Overwhelm

The holiday season can be a magical time for children, but it can also bring a sense of Christmas overwhelm with all the excitement, activities, and expectations. As parents, it's essential to ensure that our children have a joyful and stress-free Christmas experience. Here are five ways to help your child avoid Christmas overwhelm:

1. Create a Calm Routine :

Establish a calm and...

picture of a family on a train

Top Tips for Stress-Free Train Travel with Kids

October half-term is fast approaching and many parents will be getting ready to gather the troops and embark on an epic family adventure.

Whilst the half-term break offers a fantastic opportunity to step away from your desk and spend some quality time as a family, travelling with children can be chaotic.

Sometimes, just getting to the destination can be a challenge in itself. We all...


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