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The essential Family planners, journals and other stationery needed to kick-start 2022



Whether your life is a carefully considered landscape, plotted with military precision, or a chaotic whirlwind of missed appointments and abandoned deadlines, chances are you could benefit from a planner.

This planner has ample room to jot down weekly appointments, to-do lists or just general thoughts and it’s inevitable that it will...

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The Essential Guide to Creating Your Baby's First-Year Scrapbook

The Essential Guide to Creating Your Baby's First-Year Scrapbook

You’ve welcomed a new bundle of joy into the family, and you’re excited to create a lifetime of memories with them.

You know you’ll never forget all of the firsts that are about to come, but your baby won’t remember them. You’re planning on creating a scrapbook to memorialise their first year of life so you can share it...

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New 'Life Skills Journal' launched by the Happy Confident Company

"Every household in the country should be sent one of these" STEPHEN DIXON, SKY NEWS

70% of adolescent mental health problems are not diagnosed early enough and 1 in 5 kids in the UK suffer from mental health issues in any given year.

With these figures rising year on year, we've teamed up with the highly-esteemed Psychologist Dr. Linda Papadopoulos to develop a new, unique, fun, and...