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picture of children throwing water balloons

Cheap ways to keep kids entertained during holidays

With the school holidays approaching, families are being given advice on how to fill the children’s spare time with fun activities that won’t break the bank.

Online wholesaler Wholesale Sweets are giving their budget friendly tips on how to keep the kids entertained during the summer.

They’ve looked at a variety of both indoor and outdoor options and among their suggestions...

picture of an easter egg hunt sign

How To Outfox Children With An Easter Egg Hunt!

The great outdoors presents almost endless possibilities to hide Easter eggs from children this season!

And the garden building experts at have come up with some of the most unusual places for you to place chocolate treats or eggs to outsmart your little ones.

This top ten list of ideas should keep children guessing for a long time and entertained during...

picture of space explorer placemat to go

The best creative and educational gift for astronomy buffs!

Introducing our BRAND NEW space explorer placemat to go!

Kids can colour-in and discover the solar system with this fun and educational placemat to go, complete with a set of 10 wash-out fabric pens. Featuring spacecraft, planets and stars on one side and the historic moon landing scene on the other, it’s perfect for out-of-this-world discoveries – there’s even a fun trick for remembering the...