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These are the Royal family's favourite games that you can play during the Jubilee celebrations

With the Jubilee celebrations in full swing, the team at SudokuCraze can reveal the Royal family’s favourite games to play in their spare time, from Charades to table tennis. The Queen

It has been widely reported that Queen Elizabeth II is incredibly fond ‘The Name Game’ in which players must write the names of famous people or characters on a post-it note to place on another players forehead...

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Raise your IQ Threefold with Smart's new Games!

Raise your IQ Threefold Best-selling games collection grows with three new Spring launches

There’s great excitement at Smart Toys & Games HQ, as they announce the arrival of three new editions to the world-renowned Smart Games IQ collection – IQ Love, IQ Stixx and IQ Six Pro.

IQ fans will be head over heels with the latest new game … Show your brain some love with IQ Love. The...

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Combat the Crimbo Limbo lull with 101 pen & paper games

Combat the Crimbo Limbo lull with 101 pen & paper games

The presents have been opened, all the turkey has been eaten and you’ve watched the same five Christmas films on loop since the start of December. The family is getting restless, and your Great Uncle is starting to make comments which at any moment are bound to disrupt the house’s festive cheer.

Don’t fear, the team at the...

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Smart toys and games ideas for Christmas

Get yourself on the Smart List this Christmas!

Smart Toys & Games, the brand committed to creating inspirational & educational toys and games, is sure to be at the top of many Christmas lists this year. With new launches, and true classics for all the family, Christmas fun is guaranteed.

For those who are celebrating their first Christmas, SmartMax is the perfect...