picture of a baby at christmas wearing a my first christmas outfit

Advice for new mums to get through Christmas

The items new mums should pack if you’re going away for Christmas

With last years’ restrictions meaning that overnight stays with family were off the cards, this year is likely to be the first Christmas since 2019 that families can come together to celebrate.

For some new mums, this may mean this is the first time they have spent nights away from home and away from baby’s normal...

Picture of a breastfeeding baby

New study reveals 1 in 4 women reported postpartum pain impacted their ability to breastfeed

According to new research, physical recovery after childbirth can lead to unexpected breastfeeding challenges for new mums, with eight out of 10 mothers saying they were not fully prepared for their own recovery post childbirth.

Maternal health brand, Lansinoh has carried out extensive research into the impact of birth related injury and pain on breastfeeding outcomes. In a survey of...

Picture of a new mum with her baby in the fourth trimester

8 in 10 new mums say they were unprepared for recovery after childbirth

  • New research by maternal health brand Lansinoh, reveals that 79% of mums said they were unprepared for the postpartum period, also known as the Fourth Trimester
  • 75% of new mums say they were not prepared for the physical pain and recovery in the Fourth Trimester
  • 87% of new mums did not plan for their recovery post birth

New research...