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Life After Lockdown: The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on children’s mental health

Life After Lockdown: The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on children’s mental health
  • Almost half (42.8%) of 11–16-year-olds feel that lockdown has made their life worse (NHS)
  • In 2020, one in six (16%) children aged 5 to 16 years were identified as having a probable mental disorder (NHS)
  • The global estimates of child and adolescent mental illness observed in the
  • ...
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Nearly 9 out of 10 parents say their child’s school handled COVID-19 well

A large majority of parents (87%) think that their child’s school has handled the pandemic well, according to Ofsted’s annual Parents Survey for 2021, published today.




20 May 2021

This year’s survey asked a set of questions about the impact of COVID-19, and also found that 7 in 10 parents had received guidance or...

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Countdown to kick off: Sports Direct and Nike get kids back into sport with nation’s biggest kickabout 

  • New research suggests more than half (52%) of parents are struggling to get children back into physical exercise, despite restrictions lifting and sport restarting
  • The majority (61%) admit their children can easily go days without physical activity
  • To get kids back on their feet, Sports Direct and Nike launch Monster Kickabout - an action packed football
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Exeter pupils need encouragement more than catch-up sessions, survey suggests

Exeter pupils need encouragement, reassurance and mental health support, not a focus on “catching-up” or “lost learning”, a survey of children, parents and teachers in the city suggests.

Most parents (86 per cent), teachers (71 per cent) and pupils (88 per cent) who took part in the study were against children re-doing the school year, while 90 per cent of teachers, 80 per cent of...

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Caring Without Sharing: single parents’ journeys through the COVID-19 pandemic

The final report arising from Gingerbread’s Caring Without Sharing research project reveals how the unique challenges for working single parents created by the COVID-19 pandemic have evolved over time and require government action going forward.

Watch the launch webinar below, with single parent Andrea, researchers Laura Dewar and Liz Clery, Gingerbread CEO, Victoria Benson, and chaired by...

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What about children in Devon's separated families who want to hug BOTH their parents? 

As hugs return to our lives, a leading national charity whose HQ is in Exeter is urging separated families across Devon to ensure the children get the chance to hug both their parents.

For over a year, separated families have adapted parenting arrangements as best they could. Restrictions meant many children didn’t see one of their parents for many months on end, and for some even...

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4 simple steps to reduce costs while working from home.


But Switching Energy Providers Could Offset the Jump in Bills

A combination of recurring lockdowns and the new ‘normal’ of working from home has led to a rise in average annual energy costs over the past year, as Brits spend more time at home. With working from home possibly becoming a permanent...

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Schoolreaders, a national children’s literacy charity, is delighted to announce that British explorer and author Levison Wood is championing its RACE FOR READING campaign. The campaign aims to raise vital funds to be able to support more primary school children with their reading skills. Before the pandemic 1 in 4 children was leaving primary school with poor literacy skills and school...

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A Place in the Sun presenter, Laura Hamilton, shares her tips to keep healthy during lockdown

A Place in the Sun presenter, Laura Hamilton, has shared her health tips during lockdown. From discovering delicious recipes to online workouts with her 125,000 Instagram followers, the star has been keeping busy at home and is excited about the new series of A Place in The Sun, which starts on 26th April on Channel 4.

Online workouts - “I’m a big advocate of body confidence and...

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Cross the River game

Cross the River game.

The “Cross the River” game has been one of the biggest hits for both my children during lockdown.

It’s an activity that we were given by my daughter’s pre-school and it is super easy, needs no real other equipment, can be adapted really easily and teaches the children lots of skills whilst they are having fun! What’s not to love!

So, what do...