picture of children online gaming

Is your child at risk? Recognizing gaming addiction in the UK

10-15% Of Gamers In UK Show Signs Of Gaming Addiction: Here Are 10 Signs Your Kid Is Suffering From It (And How You Can Help)

Recent studies reveal that 10-15% of gamers in the UK exhibit signs of gaming addiction. This emerging concern highlights the importance of identifying the symptoms early to mitigate the potential adverse effects on a child's mental and physical health. Gaming...

picture of a 9 month old at daycare

Here's What You Need To Know To Get Your 30 Hours Free Childcare , leading small business experts, have put together five facts parents need to know about the extension of 30 hours of free childcare to all eligible children under five in September 2025.

  1. Both parents must be in employment to apply
  2. Parents need to register now to avoid long waiting lists
  3. Not every nursery will opt into the scheme
  4. ...
picture of a baby in a rear facing car seat with mum and dad

Four in ten parents breaking the law on child seats and putting children in ‘deadly peril’

  • Four in ten parents admit to breaking the law by not always using child seats for children who legally require them
  • Nearly a quarter of parents with infants under 15 months are breaking the law by not having children rear-facing - risking serious injury in the event of a crash
  • The cost of living crisis could be contributing - most parents say they are ‘trying to
  • ...
picture of the word autism with a rainbow coming out of it

5 Expert Recommended Coping Strategies For Parents Raising Children With Autism

Raising a child with autism can be a rewarding yet sometimes challenging experience. Parents often face unique obstacles, from managing behaviours to navigating educational and therapeutic interventions.

Mark Blakey, a writer for Autism Parenting Magazine , explores five coping strategies designed to empower parents and promote resilience throughout their journey.

  1. ...
picture of social media on a smartphone

Is There A ‘Right’ Age For Kids To Use Social Media Apps?

Determining the "right" age for kids to use social media apps is a nuanced and complex issue, often debated among parents, educators, and child development experts. While social media platforms typically set age restrictions, they may not always align with a child's readiness to navigate the digital landscape responsibly.

Ethan Bennet from Sonin , a UK app development company, shares...

picture of children having fun playing outside

Not-for-profit organisation champions the power of play for children at Downing Street

According to a new report, if the UK is to truly succeed in this rapidly changing world led by advancements in AI, we will need to prioritise children’s opportunities for creativity through free play. Presented by the national not-for-profit organisation Children’s Alliance on the steps of 10 Downing Street, ‘The Power of Play: Building a Creative Britain’ underscores the vital role of free...

The Home Ed Daily Website

The Home Ed Daily Website launches to support parents looking to home educate

In today's ever-changing educational landscape, home education has become a practical choice for parents looking for a flexible and personalised approach to their children's learning journey. As they explore home ed, families discover the joys of bespoke education and self-directed learning. The shift away from the traditional school environment has liberated families from the daily grind of...

picture of childrens books

Manor Green Primary School Encourages Family Engagement with "Book and Bagel" Mornings

Manor Green Primary Academy in Denton recently held its first “Book and Bagel” morning, aimed at fostering family engagement and promoting a love for reading among young learners.

Every Tuesday morning, Manor Green Primary School warmly invites early years families into the classroom for a special "Book and Bagel" session. The morning provides an invaluable opportunity for parents...

picture of a child in a car feeling travel sick

Health Expert Reveals Top Tips for Avoiding Travel Sickness

From long road trips in your used Ford to the work commute, travel sickness is a problem. With one in three people likely to experience motion sickness, knowing how to reduce its effects is necessary to enjoy your travels, especially among children.

Sam Sheehan, the motoring editor at cinch , the faff-free way to buy a car online, says: “Travel sickness isn’t fun. It can severely...

picture of a child spoon feeding parent

Dietician warns that late introduction of textures can cause challenges for children

  • 34% of parents are reluctant to try their children’s food, citing taste and texture concerns
  • Over half of parents (53%) are unaware that texture should increase gradually as a baby gets older
  • Hollyoaks star and mother, Jessica Fox , and Mummy Nutrition Founder &
  • ...


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