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South Hams birth rate drop: 44.1% decrease over the last decade, the 3rd greatest nationwide

South Hams birth rate drop: 44.1% decrease over the last decade, the 3rd greatest nationwide

• South Hams has seen a 44.1% decrease in birth rates since 2011

• In 2011 the average number of children per woman in South Hams was 2.09 which plummeted to just 1.45 in 2020

• South Hams birth rate is 8.8% lower than England's average

• Across the country, just three areas...

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The Most Burning Questions Around the Pill Answered

For women who choose to go onto the pill, it’s a big decision. There are many contraceptive options out there, and while the internet means we now have more access to information on contraception than ever before, it can also be filled with misinformation.

Different pills and contraceptive methods come with varying benefits and side effects, so the choice can quickly become confusing...

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Influential Women in Sports: The Sports Stars to Look Out For in 2022

Women’s sports are more popular than ever. The number of people watching women’s sports has risen in the past year, with 51.1 million people estimated to watch female-led sports in 2021 .

The interest in women’s sports could encourage equal treatment of female athletes, from their media coverage to the appreciation of their talent.

This article will look at the five most...

New rules to drive down cost of school uniform for families

Schools will need to follow statutory guidance which requires them to make sure uniform is affordable for all.

From: Department for Education and The Rt Hon Nadhim Zahawi MP

Families will save money on school uniforms from next year, following new legally-binding guidance published on Friday 19th November, requiring schools to make uniform affordable for all.

The Department...

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How Does Screen Time Really Affect Our Children?

If there’s one thing many of our little ones’ childhoods are defined by, it’s screen time. Even as recently as our own childhoods, we never had access to smartphones and tablets like our kids do.

We know that screen time comes with some disadvantages, but how is it really affecting our children?

This article will explore the true impact of too much screen time on young minds...

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Amazon deals of the day

Amazon deals of the day

Here are some of the best Amazon deals of the day for baby and children.

Happy Jump Football Goal Pop Up Football Net Post for Kids Garden Training 1 Pack

This looks great for gardens with limited space as you can easily fold it up when it isn't being used. This is £24.99 today, down from £33.99. You can buy it here

Fire 7 Kids Pro...
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The celeb trend for selecting holiday destinations as baby names gains mass popularity

The celeb trend for selecting holiday destinations as baby names gains mass popularity A host of celebrities understand the allure of a holiday and have chosen to name their children after a destination that holds a special place in their hearts.

Prime examples include the Beckham’s son Brooklyn, hotel heiress Paris Hilton and Chicago, daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

As a...

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Buy toys safely this Christmas

OPSS has produced safety guidance on how to buy toys safely this Christmas.

From: Office for Product Safety and Standards

The Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS) is partnering with Chartered Trading Standards Institute, The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, Child Accident Prevention Trust and Netmums to raise awareness of how to buy toys safely.

Know who...
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Family lawyers must ‘challenge’ themselves amidst growing desire for amicable divorces

Poll reveals that majority of couples want to ‘keep things civil’ while separating

One of the country’s leading family lawyers has said the profession needs to ‘challenge itself’ to better meet the needs of consumers amidst growing demand for a more amicable solution to separation and divorce.

The call to action follows a recent poll carried out by national consumer law firm...

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More support for schools to tackle bullying

Schools across England to benefit from further specialist training to help pupils combat bullying

From: Department for Education and Will Quince MP

Published 16 November 2021

Thousands of schools in England are set to benefit from further support and training to help pupils combat bullying, learn to value each other’s differences, and improve wellbeing for staff.