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Is There A ‘Right’ Age For Kids To Use Social Media Apps?

Determining the "right" age for kids to use social media apps is a nuanced and complex issue, often debated among parents, educators, and child development experts. While social media platforms typically set age restrictions, they may not always align with a child's readiness to navigate the digital landscape responsibly.

Ethan Bennet from Sonin, a UK app development company, shares some helpful information parents should consider when questioning whether to allow their children to use social media.

How Do You Decide When To Allow Your Child Onto Social Media?

What is my child’s maturity level?

Assessing your child's maturity level is crucial. Some children may demonstrate greater emotional intelligence and critical thinking skills, making them better equipped to handle the challenges of online interactions. 

Does my child understand the risks of using the internet?

Understanding online risks is another essential consideration. Your child should grasp concepts like privacy settings, cyberbullying, and digital footprint management before engaging in social media activities.

How will I supervise my child’s activity online?

Supervision as a parent plays a pivotal role in guiding your children's online experiences. Monitoring their interactions and setting boundaries can mitigate potential risks. Ethan says, ‘However, fostering open communication between you and your child is equally important. Discussing internet safety and responsible digital citizenship empowers children to make informed decisions and seek help when needed.’

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Does it matter how other parents and children are navigating their technology?

When deciding when to allow your child to use social media, as a parent, you may face pressure from others with different perspectives or timelines. However, it's essential to prioritise what's best for your own child based on their unique needs and readiness. 

Ethan advises, ‘Resisting peer pressure allows you to stay true to your values and make informed decisions that align with your family's circumstances. Ultimately, every child develops at their own pace, and you as a parent should trust your instincts and judgement rather than succumbing to external pressures.’

Advice And Resources

Numerous resources are available to assist you in making the decision as to when your child is ready for social media apps. The website Common Sense Media offers reviews and recommendations tailored to children's ages, helping parents choose age-appropriate apps and set guidelines for online usage.

Ethan’s other tips to consider when navigating the issue of your child and social media are:

  • Keep all devices in a shared space or living room. If they use social media, you can easily keep an eye on their activity.
  • Utilise parental controls on apps and web browsers to limit and restrict your child’s access to inappropriate content.
  • Have open conversations with your children about their online safety. Creating an open dialogue and establishing trust will help your child understand that the goal is to protect them, not invade their privacy.

Ethan concludes, ‘Children’s ability to handle using social media apps is all about readiness, understanding, and ongoing communication between the child and their parent. As a parent, empowering your child with knowledge and guidance ensures they manoeuvre the digital world safely and responsibly.’


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