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TUC – 1 in 4 children with care worker parents are growing up in poverty

  • Union body warns of “rampant” hardship in key worker households
  • 1 in 5 children growing up in key worker households are living in poverty
  • Ministers accused of “abandoning” the workers who got us through the pandemic
  • Mass Westminster lobby and rally to take place to demand general election

More than 1 in 4 (28.4%) children with care worker...

picture of child watching sport in hygiene poverty

1 in 3 children skipping sport due to hygiene poverty


New research reveals 3 in 10 children from low-income families have skipped sporting activities due to being unable to afford the personal care products needed to get clean again afterwards

  • Almost half of low-income households are going without basic personal care products , such as shampoo, shower gel, and deodorant, due to being unable to afford
  • ...
picture of school child having breakfast

Alliance comments on Labour's plans to introduce breakfast clubs for every primary schools in England

Neil Leitch, CEO of the Early Years Alliance, said:

“Labour’s plans to introduce breakfast clubs for every primary school in England will make a real difference to parents with school-aged children trying to balance their careers and their childcare needs, as well as ensuring that no children start the school day hungry, and so we warmly welcome this proposal.

“That said, if Labour...

picture of children going to school

Attendance drive steps up as new term starts for millions of pupils

Families will receive targeted support to improve school attendance with new advice and innovative interventions for schools this term.

Schools are being advised to work in partnership with councils and consider targeted family support or home visits where there are barriers to attending school.

This is part of a package of new and innovative measures to ensure that more children are...

picture of dad reading bedtime story to daughter

How to get your child to stick to a bedtime routine

As summer holidays are nearing an end, parents are being provided with useful tips to help get the kids back into a bedtime routine before term time begins. The fitted bedroom experts at have explored easy-to-follow ways to get the children to get back into a reasonable sleeping pattern. With schools closed and the evenings getting brighter, sleeping routines are all...

picture of a sad child with a teddy looking out of the window

1 in 5 key worker households have children living in poverty

  • Around 1 million children with key worker parents are living below the breadline, research shows
  • In some parts of Britain more than two-fifths of kids in key worker households are living below the breadline
  • Poverty levels “likely to get worse” as ministers hold down pay
  • Key workers in the public sector facing another year of real-terms pay cuts
  • ...
picture of a defibrillator

Every school will have a life-saving defibrillator by 22/23

Schools without a defibrillator to be provided one by government by the end of 22/23 academic year, building on curriculum teaching first aid and CPR

State-funded schools across England will receive defibrillators under new government plans to make sure there is a device in every school, boosting their numbers in communities across the country.

Defibrillators have the potential to...

picture of happy active kids outside

Parents urged to help their kids get active over the summer holidays with the 10 Minute Shake Up

Disney-inspired campaign relaunches to help kids get one hour of physical activity every day over the summer holidays.
  • Only 45% of children are meeting the Chief Medical Officer’s guidelines of one hour of physical activity a day
  • The campaign seeks to inspire kids to get active by using some of their favourite stories and characters from Disney, Pixar and Marvel
  • ...
picture of a family food shopping

Government and leading businesses join forces to help households with cost of living

Cost of Living Business Tsar and former Just Eat boss David Buttress agrees deals and discounts with major UK businesses to form part of Help for Household campaign.

Cost of Living Business Tsar and former Just Eat boss David Buttress agrees deals and discounts with major UK businesses to form part of Help for Household campaign.

  • Prime Minister Boris Johnson and David Buttress
  • ...
picture of Charlie Gards parents on GB News

Charlie Gard’s parents push for new law on treatment rights

Chris Gard and Connie Yates are lobbying MPs to pass ‘Charlie’s Law’. They also praise Archie Battersbee’s mum for fighting for her son’s right to life.

THE parents of tragic tot Charlie Gard have spoken of their campaign to change the law to keep decisions about the medical treatment of seriously ill children out of the courts.

They are championing a new law that would give...


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