Picture of separation guide

New free parenting guide offered to separating families in the South West

The Family Law Company is offering the new guide for free to local families who are divorcing or separating. The ‘Parenting Through Separation Guide’ is written by family professionals and advises parents of how to put their children first during a separation.

It is being launched during ‘Good Divorce Week’ which runs from 29 Nov - 3 Dec. The campaign is organised annually by...

picture of arguing couple with their backs to eachother

Family lawyers must ‘challenge’ themselves amidst growing desire for amicable divorces

Poll reveals that majority of couples want to ‘keep things civil’ while separating

One of the country’s leading family lawyers has said the profession needs to ‘challenge itself’ to better meet the needs of consumers amidst growing demand for a more amicable solution to separation and divorce.

The call to action follows a recent poll carried out by national consumer law firm...

picture of a mum and her son at a sunny beach

Solving co-parenting dilemmas for separated families as the summer holiday looms

Uncertainty about how summer holidays might shape up this year means separated families should consider making flexible written parenting plans right now, says a leading family dispute resolution charity currently providing its services by video conference.

Arrangements for children during the long school vacation always provide headaches for separated parents. This year, the delayed...

Picture of a child hugging her mum and dad

What about children in Devon's separated families who want to hug BOTH their parents? 

As hugs return to our lives, a leading national charity whose HQ is in Exeter is urging separated families across Devon to ensure the children get the chance to hug both their parents.

For over a year, separated families have adapted parenting arrangements as best they could. Restrictions meant many children didn’t see one of their parents for many months on end, and for some even...