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picture of Snapchat Expand their In App Parental Tools

Snapchat Expand their In-App Parental Tools

At Snap, we’re committed to giving parents additional tools and resources to help them support their teens’ safe use of Snapchat.

In 2022, we launched Family Center, our set of parental tools that allows parents to see who teens are talking to on Snapchat, confidentially report any concerns, and set content controls – all of which can help prompt important conversations about safety...

picture of someone viewing tiktok on a smartphone

Expert answers TikTok's most-asked parenting questions

Parenting expert answers TikTok’s most-asked questions about raising children – including why you shouldn’t feel guilty for being busy
  • Parenting expert, Pamela Li, has answered the most commonly-asked questions on TikTok, to help separate fact from fiction
  • This follows a new analysis that has revealed which queries and concerns appear most often under #parentingquestions
  • ...
picture of parents looking at child on a smartphone

Data reveals TikTok to be the social media platform parents are most worried about

  • TikTok is the social media platform parents are most concerned about, with 5,100 online searches for ‘Is TikTok safe’ each month in the US.
  • Online searches for ‘is Snapchat safe’ reach 2,300 on average each month in the US.
  • Reddit is the third most concerning social media platform for parents in the US, with 2,000 estimated monthly searches for the phrase ‘is
  • ...
Picture of The Big Breastfeeding conversation

Join The Big Breastfeeding Conversation

Join The Big Breastfeeding Conversation, Hosted by Medela

The 12th July will see the return of Medela’s annual event, formally the Big Breastfeeding Café - but as it returns for its 9th year this summer, the campaign has a fresh new take, stripping it back to its core values to ensure expectant and new mums have a platform to have open and honest conversations about breastfeeding.


picture of a healthy food sorting activity with negative comment

I wasn't expecting this response!

Yesterday I posted a reel on my Instagram account showing me doing a food sorting activity with my daughter ( you can see the activity here ). I’ve been posting activity ideas on my Instagram account for a little while now and I have had a few people starting to comment on them, but the responses on this particular reel really took me by surprise!

For context, the real shows a tuff...

picture of a teen boy watching his phone

What parents need to know about Andrew Tate

If you are a parent of teenagers, I’m sure you have come across the name Andrew Tate. More recently he has been in the News after being arrested on suspicion of human trafficking, but before that he amassed a huge social media following, where he became very popular with teens.

Before being banned by TikTok, Instagram, Youtube and Facebook, Tate showed his followers images of his...

picture of a girl on her mobile phone with headphones on

NSPCC warns of a tsunami of online child abuse as grooming crimes rise in the south west by 28% in four years

  • Freedom of Information data shows steep increase in Sexual Communication with a Child offences recorded by police across the UK since 2017/18
  • Meta-owned apps (Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp) and Snapchat used in more than 70% of crimes in 2021/22 where the platform was known
  • Scale of sexual violence against girls online revealed with female victims in four in
  • ...
picture of happy children

How Social Media Is Changing Kids’ Fashion

We’re all aware of the influence of social media on our wardrobes. Whether it’s celebrity red-carpet moments on Instagram or our own friends’ fresh fits on Facebook, it’s easy to be inspired online.

But how does social media influence our kids’ collections? How is the influencer-sphere shaping our judgement when we buy clothes for children?

Here, we identify the key...

picture of a nativity scene

School Nativity Play – Is There Danger Lurking in the Manger? 

With many of last year’s school nativity plays cancelled due to the pandemic, thousands of parents and children up and down the country will be excited to be bringing back the highlight of the season.

However, in the age of the smartphone this has meant that the show can often be dominated by proud parents filming and snapping eagerly away trying to capture the perfect picture of...

Picture of two women talking on a zoom call

Please ‘like’ me… It takes 5 meetings, 161 days, 29 private messages and 20 ‘likes’ to become a friend

Please ‘like’ me… It takes 5 meetings, 161 days, 29 private messages and 20 ‘likes’ to become a friend
  • New data looks at the new rules of engagement for making friends as figures show the average person has 5 friends they’ve never met face-to-face
  • Half of people in the UK now make friends on the internet – even over 65s have two friends they’ve never met in person
  • ...


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