picture of a mum holding a baby up in the air on a summer holiday

Top Sun Destinations for New Parents 

For new parents, the thought of travelling with a baby can be daunting. A recent survey by OnePoll revealed that 26% of mums and dads of children aged six months to five years are nervous at the thought of any outing that disturbs their child’s normal routine. But sometimes, the prospect of escaping the winter blues for some much-needed sunshine is often too tempting to resist.


picture of a dad putting a happy baby in a red car seat

Car Expert Reveals Parent-Perfect Tips to Safely Install Your Child Car Seat

Setting off on a road trip with your partner and little ones can make the experience all the more special. When you have kids on board, however, it’s more important than ever to take some crucial safety precautions to ensure no unwanted accidents occur along the way.

Driving with an unsuitable, incorrectly fitted or no child car seat at all can put the well-being of your young...

picture of a family skiing down the mountain on their first ski holiday

What to consider for your Family Ski trip

We had our first family ski holiday last year and we absolutely loved it! My husband has been skiing for years, but our children and I had never been, so planning a holiday that worked for everyone was really important to us. Here are some things that we considered before our first trip.

Things to consider for you first family ski holiday Who are you going with

As my husband was a...

picture of TUIs Chief Good List Officer


  • New data reveals 35% of kids aged 3-11 across the UK start writing their Christmas wish lists in November
  • 55% of parents notice a switch in their little one’s behaviour in October
  • A holiday or experience tops the list for 78% of children, with 45% dreaming of seeing Santa in Lapland
  • TUI recruits viral mini superstar Jackson, to encourage kids to share
  • ...
picture of a family on a train

Top Tips for Stress-Free Train Travel with Kids

October half-term is fast approaching and many parents will be getting ready to gather the troops and embark on an epic family adventure.

Whilst the half-term break offers a fantastic opportunity to step away from your desk and spend some quality time as a family, travelling with children can be chaotic.

Sometimes, just getting to the destination can be a challenge in itself. We all...

picture of family travel

How to travel stress-free: Your guide to coping with the most common travel fears

Travelling is a joyful and exciting time away from home we’re looking forward to. It allows us to break from the routine and recharge our batteries.

But with ever-changing travel regulations, train strikes, and baggage requirements, this can often leave us fatigued and anxious.

What is travel anxiety?

Travel anxiety is a feeling of worry or fear related to travelling, from...

picture of Maria Pettersson London Stansted pilot

I’m a pilot and a mum: Here are my five hacks for flying with kids. 

Travelling abroad with little ones can be challenging; they’re excited for the holiday, buzzing with energy and perhaps a little overtired from an early start. Maria Pettersson, London Stansted-based pilot and a mum shares her top five hacks for keeping children happy and occupied, ensuring the journey is stress and tear free for everyone.

1. Don’t forget in-flight entertainment


picture of child with packets of medicinal tablets

Medical expert warns against space-saving TikTok hack that could be “fatal” to children

Are there reasons why it’s important to keep medicines in the packages they come in? What are the child safety risks behind this hack? A medical expert shares his advice…

Mitesh Desai , Director at Landys Chemist explains:

Should travellers swap their medicine packaging for Tic Tac containers to save space while packing? Are there reasons why it’s important to keep medicines in the...

picture of Pool Bar at Family Selection at Grand Palladium Kantenah Resort and Spa


  • Palladium Hotel Group will open its third “Family Selection”, an exclusive accommodation proposal designed for families, in December 2023
  • Grand Palladium Kantenah Resort & Spa has undergone a 40-million-dollar investment

Grand Palladium Kantenah Resort & Spa , one of four premium hotels operated by Palladium Hotel Group in Mexico’s Riviera Maya, will...

picture of a family in an airport

How to take the stress out of Airport Transfers for families

TAKE THE STRESS OUT OF AIRPORT TRANSFERS THIS SUMMER WITH JAYRIDE’S TOP TIPS FOR FAMILIES Jayride share its top tips for simpler travels with the family this summer

Airport trips can be a stressful experience when travelling as a family, particularly when it comes to hailing a taxi or transfer on arrival and juggling the needs of the family. With Jayride – the leading online marketplace for...


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